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  1. JoeChapsy says

    Fort Eban Emael Sabotoge (Comment / Question)

    In this scenario, do you roll 2 die for each bunker the German player occupies or just two die? If you roll two stars can you blow up two separate bunkers?

  2. gheintze says

    Answer to the Fort Eban Emael Sabotage Question (Comment / Question)

    You roll two dice for each bunker that is occupied by the saboteur. You cannot blow up two separate bunkers with one roll, as you are rolling once for each bunker hex.

  3. tank commander says

    Conflicts with Terrain Pack rulebook? (Comment / Question)

    On pg 7 of the terrain Pack rule book it seems that one would roll 3 dice for a Sabotage attempt (Close Combat dice).

    But the above card states 2 dice are rolled.

    Is the card in error?

  4. tank commander says

    Units must be ordered? (Comment / Question)

    I assume any unit that attmepts a Sabotage attempt must first be ordered(other than if a scenario has special rules that state otherwise).

    Can anyone confirm this?

  5. Asyncritus says

    Answer to Conflicts with Terrain Pack rulebook (Comment / Question)

    The card came with the Air Pack expansion and supercedes the rule in the Terrain Pack.

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