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Air Sortie

Air Sortie

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  1. gheintze says

    Air Sortie and Air Rules Questions from the FAQ (Comment / Question)

    Q. When countering an opponents Air Sortie played in conjunction with a Section card, the Counter-Attack only counters my opponents Section card, not the Air Sortie he played along with it (Air Pack rules p.4). But what if I have an Air Sortie card in front of me? May I play it along with my Counter-Attack to imitate the Section card just played?
    A. Yes, you may.

    Q. Usually the scenario indicates what to do with the Air Sortie cards, but if the Special Rules dont specify what Air Rules are in effect, what should players do?
    A. First, the Air Power card should never be removed from the Command cards. If the special rules dont specify that Air Rules are in effect, then from a historical perspective, Air Rules should not be used and Air Sortie cards are not used, although the Air Power card is always used. However, players ALWAYS have the option of using Air Rules if both sides agree. If players agree to use the Air Rules but there is an absence of other instructions, each player gets one Air Sortie card.

    Q. Can the Air Sortie card be played on its own, in lieu of the pre-programmed card when using Russian Command rules? i.e. the pre-programmed card remains in place this turn, as it does if a Recon 1 card is played from the hand.
    A. Yes. Note: Air Sortie equivalents (the Air Power card and Recon 1 cards when Air Strikes are available) must be played from the Commissar Chip like normal cards.

    Q. When using Air Rules in an Overlord game, is the Air Power card played by the Commander in-Chief or is it handed to a Field General to initiate an air action in his sector?
    A. The Commander-in-Chief may never play Air Power or Air Sortie cards from his hand. Both cards must be given to Field Generals. Note: A Field General could receive a Section card to play with an Air Sortie card but must play Air Power alone.

    Q. Which planes can you bring onto the board?
    A. The Air Pack rule book and Airplane reference cards tell you which planes are available to which nations, depending on the date of the scenario. Players can only bring on planes that were available to them during that time of the war.

    Q. If the Air Pack symbol is at the top of the page, but nothing is said in the special rules, do both players get one Air Sortie card (if they agree to use Air Rules)?
    A. The Air Pack symbol may just indicate that some terrain from the Air Pack is being used. If the special rules dont say anything about the Air Rules, the scenario was not designed for the Air Rules and they were not used for play testing, so it may change the balance in an unexpected way. The goal is to have fun though, so if both players want to use the Air Rules, each player gets one Air Sortie card.

    Q. When I draw an Air Sortie card, I understand that it is placed face up next to the cardholder and another card is drawn immediately. If an Air Sortie card is drawn after a Recon 1 card is played, how does this work?
    A. Same way, actually. When the an Air Sortie card is drawn as one of your two cards, place it face up next to the cardholder and draw another card immediately. You then choose between these two cards. It is possible that more than one Air Sortie card could be drawn and if this happens follow the same rule and place it face up next to the cardholder and draw another card immediately until you have two non- Air Sortie cards to choose from. Note: The Air Power card is not placed face up because it is an Air Sortie equivalent and if drawn as one of your two cards, you will need to choose either the Air Power card or the other card to keep.

  2. drobinson99 says

    Ordered or Just On the Move (Comment / Question)

    Airplanes have to keep moving to stay on the board. Does "1 [or 2] on the move" count, too? I.e., I don't have orders for the plane's section but I can move a unit anywhere (else). So how about a plane just moving and not performing an action?

  3. Tarvoren says

    Ordered or Just On the Move (Comment / Question)

    Re previous question, since the original rules mentioned only cards that were section specific (exception: Their Finest Hour on a star roll), I would suggest that this continues. Otherwise, the On the Move element of the Winter Wars deck means that you are highly likely to be able to keep a plane in the air indefinitely, Air Checks permitting.
    I do not think that is the intention.

  4. Kenpeters says

    confusion about certain spec airwars rules (Comment / Question)

    Special Rules example:1) Bloody Gulch "but the axis player can conduct air strikes" Does this mean ONLY the axis player can conduct airstrikes.
    2)eg Pegasus Bridge "Once full daylight the german forces can conduct air strikes". Does this mean ONLY germans can have airpower?
    3) there's anopther scenario where it says Allies may conduct airstrikes "at will". Does this mean you do not need a card (Airpower, sortie, recon 1???

    I thinkk if you clarify these we will understand the rest. We don't know how "limiting" the special rules are intended to be.

    Ken Peters

    Thank you

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