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  1. sam1812 says

    Order of events in a strafe (Comment / Question)

    If I'm strafing and moving ground units, do I move the plane and roll the strafing dice before moving the ground units, after moving them, or whenever I choose?

    (In other words, can a player move ground units to cut off retreat paths first? And can a player find out the results of the strafe before making his other moves?)

  2. KBracey says

    The strafe is part of the movement (Comment / Question)

    As stated in the rules, the strafing occurs during the plane's Movement phase. And the plane works like other units. So:

    1) You Order your units, including the plane (ie just state which units that will be used this turn).
    2) Do the Air Check for the plane, because you ordered it. I'll assume it's not lost.
    3) Move each unit, one at a time, in any order you choose. You can move the plane last if you choose, allowing your other units to move first to block retreat. The plane rolls strafing dice at the end of its move. Alternatively, you can move the plane first, resolve the strafe, then move the rest of your units.
    4) Conduct Battle for the rest of your units, in any order you choose.

    Now, what I'm not clear on is the order of the strafe. Can you choose the order you strafe the enemy units? That could affect retreat possibilities. Thematically, I guess we should say no, they need to be strafed in order that the plane passed over them, but I don't think that's stated in the rules.

    Whereas for the non-Air Rules Air Power card, there is no actual plane unit to track, so I guess the attack order would be your choice.

  3. gheintze says

    Strafing and Their Finest Hour (Comment / Question)

    Q. When an Airplane is ordered by a Their Finest Hour Command card, does it roll an additional die when strafing?
    A. Yes. The Airplane rolls 1 additional die in any Special Action that involves dice rolled (e.g. Strafing, Kamikaze Attack) when ordered by Their Finest Hour.

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