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Air Check

Air Check

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  1. rooster5 says

    watch your 6 (House Rule)

    If an air check roll is being made because of an enemy airplane adjacent, roll an extra die if plane is in your 6 o'clock hex.

  2. GhostWolf69 says

    Air check stacking? (Comment / Question)

    (Double post... sorry)

    Will Air Check value for the Hex stack with Air Check values of Objects placed in the Hex? Such as Sandbags, Bridges etc.

    I guess: Yes, but could not find it mentioned in the rules.


  3. gheintze says

    Air Check Values and Stacking, from the FAQ (Comment / Question)

    Q. What is the Air Check value of clear (countryside, desert and winter) terrain?
    A. Zero.

    Q. Do Air Check values stemming from underlying terrain accumulate with obstacles?
    A. No. Only the greater of these Air Check value applies. So a sandbag position over clear countryside hex will have an Air Check value of 1 (for the Sandbag), while a sandbag position over a forest hex will have an Air Check value of 2 (due to the Forest). The Air Check value may still be increased by the presence of adjacent enemy units, however.

  4. bumpypete says

    Adjacent Airplanes (Comment / Question)

    Do grounded airplanes add to aircheck value and if they do is it 1 or 2 dice? How about multiple adjacent ready to take of markers? Would each marker add?

  5. GI John says

    Grounded Airplanes (Comment / Question)

    Grounded Aircraft would not add to the aircheck. It wouldn't make sense to do so since a grounded aircraft is not a threat.

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