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Ground Interdiction

Ground Interdiction

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  1. gheintze says

    Ground Interdiction and Retreats (Comment / Question)

    Q. If my Airplane has used Ground Interdiction on a group of units and then one of my other units rolls a retreat flag against one of them, does the Interdicted unit retreat or not? If the unit retreats, is it released from the Interdiction?
    A. The Interdicted unit must retreat. The Bomb Crater Marker is not removed from the unit when it retreats. The unit may not move on its turn, though it may still battle, even though it is no longer adjacent to the Interdicting plane.

    Q. If an enemy unit is forced to retreat adjacent to my Airplane that is doing Ground Interdiction, is the new enemy unit under my Interdiction?
    A. No.

  2. drobinson99 says

    Strafing and Ground Interdiction (Comment / Question)

    The rules say an Airplane may use its air battle action to accomplish a single Special Action from among those available to its Aircraft type. But it would seem that Strafing in the plane owners turn is followed by Ground Interdiction in the opponents turn because Any ordered enemy ground unit that starts its turn adjacent to the Airplane cannot move this turn. I.e., strafe a few units and stop adjacent to some units and you do both. Right? And it seems these units dont force an air check either.

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