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Ground Support

Ground Support

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  1. CitizenK2 says

    Ignoring Flags? (Comment / Question)

    Question: When an airplane uses ground support to strip a unit of "terrain protection", does this just apply to the battle dice reduction? Or does it negate the ability to ignore a flag in certain terrain as well? The latter scenario seems more consistent with the concept of the card.

    Answer: Ground Support negates any terrain protection, not just the battle dice reduction. So if the unit was able to ignore a flag due to its underlying terrain, it no longer gets that benefit.

  2. blords says

    Keep em flying vs ground support (Comment / Question)

    I am conflicted with the Keep em flying rule and providing ground support for my ground units. The rule states, Keep 'em flying! Rule: Once airborne, an Airplane must be ordered every turn, during the Orders phase; otherwise it must be removed from the battlefield, at no Medal cost to its owner, when its player fails to order it again. Given that the only time a plane and ground units may advance together in the same turn is with the use of an Air Sortie command, it appears that air support can only occur once, maybe twice during the game. Is this correct? Unless there is a sequential order in removing your plane that allows for your troops to make an assault first.

    For example, suppose that I ended my previous turn with an airplane that provides ground support, next to an enemy unit so as to provide ground support and eliminate terrain benefits to the enemy. On my subsequent turn, may I give a ground unit a command to attack the enemy unit using the ground support rule, without giving my aircraft an order, and then remove my plane after the ground attach is resolved since it did not receive any orders in the current turn? Otherwise in order to provide ground support I have to keep the plane flying, and therefore it is required that I have to give the plane an order (with the Air Sortie command card)and then issue a ground unit order. So then I would have to move the plane again this turn because it has to move at least one hex and finish next to the enemy again to provide ground cover, then attack with the ground unit?

  3. gheintze says

    @blords Question (Comment / Question)

    You can order a plane with any command card that allows you to issue orders to the section with the plane. In addition to ordering the plane, the Air Sortie allows you to skip the Air Check, but you can order the plane with other cards.

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