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  1. bbulkley says

    Clarification on &quot;Close Assault&quot; (Comment / Question)

    Does the &quot;close assault&quot; mentioned in the ambush card mean any attack from an adjacent hex, or does it refer only to the command card with the title &quot;Close Assault&quot;?

    I'm guessing Ambush can be used in response to any adjacent battle, but I want to be sure.

  2. KBracey says

    That Close Assault card is confusing, isn't it? (Comment / Question)

    You're right, the card can be used against any adjacent battle. And I believe any such references to Close Assault in the rules mean the adjacent battle.

    If there was anything that wanted to refer to the card, it would explicitly say 'Close Assault tactic card'.

  3. WitMan says

    Counter-attack (Comment / Question)

    Can you issue a Counter-attack on Ambush?

  4. gheintze says

    Ambush Questions from the FAQ (Comment / Question)

    Q. Can a unit finish the attack after an Ambush, when a Flag is rolled during the Ambush?
    A. Normally the answer is no, because when a unit moves out of the original hex on a retreat it may not finish the attack, even if it would move back towards its baseline and is still adjacent to the enemy unit that did the Ambush. However, if the unit being Ambushed must retreat but its retreat path is blocked, it must lose one figure for each retreat move it cannot complete and because the unit did not move from the hex it was in, it may attack normally.

    Q. When I play the Ambush card, do I get to Ambush every close assault during that turn?
    A. No. The Ambush card is only for a single attack, so hold the card until the attack you want to Ambush is declared.

    Q. Can a player Counter Attack an Ambush card?
    A. No.

    Q. Does the Ambush card allow the Ambushing unit to advance if the target is forced to retreat or is eliminated?
    A. No. Only when an ordered unit in Close Assault Combat eliminates the enemy unit or forces it to retreat, may it Take Ground. The key word here is ordered. Only the player taking his turn (ordering units) may Take Ground during his turn. The Ambush card is a reaction play when an opponent declares a Close Assault, and therefore the unit doing the Ambush may not Take Ground if the opposition is eliminated or retreats.

  5. AndyJump says

    Winning on ambush (Comment / Question)

    Can I win the game by eliminating the other player's unit and taking the corresponding medal when I play the ambush card even if it's the opponent's turn?

  6. player1867600 says

    Ambush interperetation (Comment / Question)

    When a close assault command order occurs and there are three units being attack, can the enemy being attacked use his ambush card prior to each attack or is he limited to using the card only once. If only once,
    can he chose which of the three attacks to use the card or does he
    have to use it with the first attack.

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