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Artillery Bombard

Artillery Bombard

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  1. *player454403 says

    Artillery Bombard/No Artillery (Comment / Question)

    If I have the Artillery Bombard card, but don't have any artillery, I can order 1 unit of my choice. Can that (non-artillery) unit move up to 3 hexes or battle twice?

  2. Caboose says

    Confirmation on text of card (Comment / Question)

    Card says unit may move up to 3 hexes or battle twice.

    If the artillery does move, can it still battle as well (of course, just once).

    Just wanted to confirm that if the unit moves it can still battle as well.

  3. KBracey says

    Order alternative unit (Comment / Question)

    joelat713: With all these unit-specific Tactic cards, if you don't have that unit, you can issue a standard order to 1 unit of your choice. You get no special abilities with that order.

  4. KBracey says

    Artillery can't move and battle (Comment / Question)

    Caboose: The standard behaviour of artillery is that they can move 1 hex OR battle. They can't move and battle.

    This card doesn't change that choice - you still choose between movement or battle, just more powerful.

  5. gheintze says

    Artillery Bombard Questions from the FAQ (Comment / Question)

    Q. The Artillery Bombard card states that if you do not have a unit of a specific type, you may order a unit of your choice. Does it mean that I can order any unit and give it any order I want, or does it mean that I can choose any unit and apply the card's effect on it?
    A. You may not apply the cards effect. The card simply allows you to order any other unit on the battlefield and nothing more.

    Q. For the purposes of the Artillery Bombard card, is a Destroyer considered Artillery?
    A. No. Note: The only time a Destroyer could be ordered with this card is if you have no Artillery units and you use the issue an order to 1 unit of your choice feature. The Destroyer would not enjoy the cards effect.

    Q. If I choose to move my Artillery with this card instead of battling, does it get to ignore terrain restrictions?
    A. No.

    Q. If I choose to fire my Artillery, can it attack one unit and change to a different target on its second attack?
    A. Yes. Resolve one attack before making the second attack. It is also important to note that if multiple Artillery units are ordered by the Artillery Bombard card, both attacks from one unit must be completed before the next unit may battle.

  6. bigmal40 says

    Mobile artillery and artillery bombard card (Comment / Question)

    Is the choice still between either MOVING upto 3 hexes OR battling twice; given that mobile artillery MAY normally move upto 1 hex and fire, how is that affected by this card?

  7. Flemish_Havy says

    @Bigmal40 (Comment / Question)

    Players agree on what the card says:

    Chose, or move or battle twice !

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