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  1. Spieler454308 says

    Less than 4 units (Comment / Question)

    If there are only 2 one enemy units am I also to role 4 dice? And how do I have to assign the result to the units?

  2. KBracey says

    Only attack one unit (Comment / Question)

    I think you've misunderstood the text on the card.

    You select one enemy unit of your choice. You then attack that unit by rolling 4 dice.

    It's not &quot;attack 4 units that are down to 1 figure&quot;, which is how I think you are reading it.

  3. Nangirl17 says

    Retreat? (Comment / Question)

    It says "for each flag...retreat one hex". Does this mean the attacker or the attacked retreat?

  4. Mr Bluze says

    Against Artillery (Comment / Question)

    Barrage is useful against Artillery, especially if the artillery is in a city with sandbags, because of terrain restrictions do not apply and flags are not ignored.

  5. Flaneurs says

    Barrage: only for artillery? (House Rule)

    I am assuming that a player can only play his Barrage card with artillery. True? If so, what does he do with that card if he has no artillery?

    Also, does "ignoring any terrain battle die reduction" refer to range as well?


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