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Behind Enemy Lines

Behind Enemy Lines

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  1. player637611 says

    So an Infantry unit can move 3 hexes and still battle? (Comment / Question)

    is this right?

  2. tank commander says

    BEL battle. (Comment / Question)

    Yes, it may move up to 3 hexes and battle as long as it does not move into terrain that would prohibit battling.

    Example: A BEL ordered Inf moves through two forest hexes then move a third hex into clear terrain. I may then battle. However if the third hex it moved into was forest (or town or any terrain type which prohibits combat on the turn of entry) it could not battle.

    Note that even though it did not battle, it could still move another 3 hexes.

  3. gheintze says

    Behind Enemy Lines Question from the FAQ (Comment / Question)

    Q. Ive heard that there are two versions of Behind Enemy Lines. Which one is the correct wording?
    A. The correct card is the one pictured here. Your card should read: Issue an order to 1 INFANTRY unit. Unit may move up to 3 hexes. Unit may battle with 1 additional die, then move again up to 3 hexes. Terrain movement restrictions are ignored. Terrain battle restrictions still apply. If you do not command any Infantry units, issue an order to 1 unit of your choice. The correct card is also available as part of the Sword of Stalingrad Battle Map expansion.

    Q. What does it cost to move onto a terrain hex that normally costs more than 1 hex of movement when a unit is ordered by Behind Enemy Lines?
    A. Terrain features that cost more than 1 movement only cost 1 move when an Infantry unit is ordered with the Behind Enemy Lines card. An example of this is the Omaha Beach scenario, where moving up a bluff for an Infantry unit from the beach is a 2 hex movement. Moving up or down the bluff when ordered with the Behind Enemy Lines card will only cost 1 move for the Infantry unit.

    Q. The card states terrain battle restrictions still apply. Does that mean that dice penalties still apply for battling into or out of terrain, or does it mean that the Infantry cant battle if it lands on terrain that prevents battling when it is first entered?
    A. The Infantry unit cannot attack if it ends its first half of movement on a hex that prevents battling (Forest, Town, Hedgerow, etc). If the ordered Infantry can attack, Terrain battle restrictions for the target unit are still taken into account. If the attacking Infantry ends the first part of its move on Wire, it has a -1 attacking roll because the battle restriction still applies.

    Q. If the Infantry attack is successful with Behind Enemy Lines, may it Take Ground before taking its second movement?
    A. Yes, and then it can take its remaining 3 hexes of movement. This effectively could allow an Infantry unit to move 7 total hexes.

    Q. When using Behind Enemy Lines, does moving through a cave hex count as one hex and allow the Japanese Infantry unit to move two more hexes before battling?
    A. No. Moving from one cave hex to another empty cave hex is the units entire movement for the turn. The Japanese Infantry unit can still battle but may not move another three hexes.

    Q. When playing with the Marine Corps Command Rules, does the Behind Enemy Lines card order two Infantry units?
    A. Yes. The following is a summary of Infantry movement when it is ordered by the Behind Enemy Lines card:
    - Forests - unit that enters a Forest hex is not forced to stop.
    - Jungles - unit that enters a Jungle hex is not forced to stop.
    - Hedgerows - to enter a Hedgerow hex the unit does not have to start in an adjacent hex. Unit that enters a Hedgerow hex is not forced to stop and may move further than an adjacent hex.
    - Towns - unit that enters a Town hex is not forced to stop.
    - Landmarks - unit that enters a Landmarks hex is not forced to stop.
    - City Ruins - unit that enters a City Ruins hex is not forced to stop.
    - Oasis - unit that enters an Oasis hex is not forced to stop.
    - Oceans - a unit that moves onto an Ocean hex, movement is not restricted to 1 hex.
    - Beaches - a unit that moves onto a Beach hex, movement is not restricted to 2 hexes.
    - Trenches - unit that enters a Trench hex is not forced to stop.
    - Wire - unit that enters a hex with Wire is not forced to stop.
    - Minefields - unit that enters a hex with a Minefield is not forced to stop and the Mine does not detonate.
    - Marshes - unit that enters or exits a Marsh hex is not forced to stop.
    - Roads - a unit that starts on a Road hex and remains on a road the whole turn may move 1 additional hex.
    - River - A River is impassable terrain. A unit ordered by the Behind Enemy Lines card may not move onto or cross a River terrain hex.
    - River Ford - unit that enters a River Ford hex is not forced to stop.
    - Flooded Fields - unit that enters or exits a Flooded Fields hex is not forced to stop.
    - Frozen River - unit that enters a Frozen River hex is not forced to stop and no dice are rolled.
    - Units - a unit ordered by the Behind Enemy Lines card may not move onto or through a hex occupied by a friendly or enemy unit.
    - Impassable Terrain - a unit ordered by the Behind Enemy Lines card may not move onto or through an impassable terrain hex.

    Q. So basically, an Infantry unit is allowed to go anywhere it could legally go in 6 one hex movements, but all at once?
    A. Yes. Note: After moving 3 hexes, the unit may battle before moving the second 3 hexes, but doesnt have to.

    Q. The Behind Enemy Lines card states that if you do not have a unit of a specific type, you may order a unit of your choice. Does it mean that I can order any unit and give it any order I want, or does it mean that I can choose any unit and apply the card's effect on it?
    A. You may not apply the cards effect. The card simply allows you to order any other unit on the battlefield and nothing more.

    Q. When ordered by the Behind Enemy Lines card, if an Infantry unit moves three hexes into a Jungle hex, may it battle?
    A. No. Units must start in a hex adjacent to a Jungle hex to move onto the Jungle hex and still battle.

  4. bigmal40 says

    BEL - sequence of actions during Overlord games (Comment / Question)

    When ordering a unit using BEL during an Overlord scenario, the unit move and fights. At what point does the second move occur - after all other units have also fought or does the BEL unit conduct ALL of it's actions (move, fire and move again)prior to other units firing?

  5. JFKoski says

    BEL - with SWAs - Early War (Comment / Question)

    I discovered in the Online game that the Anti-tank infantry (Special Weapons Assets - Early War) could move via Behind Enemy Lines and still shoot. When I reported it, they said this was the correct rule.

    I still don't see this in the FAQ or its supplement, so if I'd only played face-to-face we wouldn't have allowed it.

    If this is correct you could use BEL to move and shoot with the other early war SWA: Mortar.

  6. JFKoski says

    SWA: follow-up (Comment / Question)

    Sorry, just found the BEL/SWAs rules in the FAQ on p42. So it would apply to both Early War Mortar and Early War Anti-tank gun.

  7. Quit2 says

    ambush (Comment / Question)

    when the unit ordered by BEL is caught in an ambush and has to retreat, it cannot battle. Can it stll make his second movement of 3? In the online game it can't.

  8. Flemish_Havy says

    BEL and SWA units early war (Comment / Question)

    (RB) Comment - Please update the FAQ to read:
    Q. Can an Early War Special Weapon Asset (SWA) unit be ordered with Behind Enemy Lines to move up to three hexes and still attack?
    A. No. If Early War SWA units move in any way, they may not battle. This limitation includes when they are ordered by the Behind Enemy Lines card or Infantry Assault card.

    Rules agreed for update FAQ that is gone come out ASAP

    Found on forum on FAQ on DOW English Forum (Page 5 of the tread 3 Rasmussen81 post from bottum) and confirmed by Richard Borg ! ! !

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