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Close Assault

Close Assault

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  1. Winter Storm says

    Armor overrun (Comment / Question)

    1) Can a tank unit fire at a unit that is not adjacent to it after taking ground during an armor overrun?

    2) Does the tank unit still have the additional die during armor overrun?

    (the general rule in the FAQ says that a tank unit that has an additional die in close combat still has it after armor overrun but RBorg in the Forum apparently said that tanks have not the additional die in armor overrun when the close assault card is played)

  2. gheintze says

    Armor Overrun Answer (Comment / Question)

    1) Yes, it is as a normal Armor Overrun.

    2) No, the additional die only applies to the initial close combat roll.

  3. Tulfa says

    Close Assault with Seishin Kyoiku (Comment / Question)

    Q. Does the +1 from the card stack with the +1 from the Japanese Command rule?

    A. The one thing I have found indicates that it does:

  4. gheintze says

    Close Assault Questions from the FAQ (Comment / Question)

    Q. When the Close Assault card is played and a unit retreats, which puts it next to a unit that originally was not adjacent when the order was issued, can it battle?
    A. No. Only units adjacent when the card is played are issued orders. If you have a lot of units being ordered with the Close Assault card, you may want to mark all the units you order prior to any attacks to avoid confusion.

    Q. When playing the Close Assault card, can a unit designated to Close Assault still fire if the unit he was to Close Assault is no longer adjacent to him?
    A. No. Ordered units may only Close Assault.

    Q. After a successful Armor attack using the Close Assault card, that results in the destruction or retreat of the target, can the unit Armor Overrun with the extra die if it is still attacking an adjacent unit?
    A. No. Units ONLY get the extra die for the initial attack. After eliminating a unit or forcing a retreat, Armor units can do a normal Armor Overrun (no extra die) or attack a distant unit if there are no adjacent targets.

    Q. On Close Assault, if my ordered unit A was next to enemy B, and enemy C is forced to retreat next to my unit A, may my unit A attack enemy C?
    A. Yes. The important point in this example is that unit A was already ordered by the Close Assault Command card and when unit A is going to battle it may choose enemy unit B or C to Close Assault.

  5. player698128 says

    ARTILLERY (Comment / Question)

    can I ORDER Artillery for close assault?

  6. GoboGobo says

    Artillery (Comment / Question)

    Yes, you can order Artillery, but only to attack a unit that is next to it. Even artillery does Close Assault.

  7. Jaykay2010 says

    Artillery (Comment / Question)

    I don't the believe the first answer to this question is correct. The close assault card only mentions infantry or armor units that are in close assault, NOT artillery. The online game doesn't allow you to select artillery when yoy olay this card, even tho you may be adjacent to an enemy unit, so I presume the only units you can order with this card are infantry and/or armor, as the card states.

  8. player1663561 says

    Movement (Comment / Question)

    1. Q. Basically player who play this card does not have any movement. Only all infantry or armor unit existingly adjacent to enemy unit can perform close assault (3 dices) + card ability (1 die) = 4 dices.

    If player successfully kill all enemy troop or roll retreat flag, the unit can take ground(for infantry) or armor overrun (for amor unit).

    After armor overrun, the player can choose to battle again but without extra dice.

    Basically this card action has no movement but only take ground or armor overrun.

    Correct me if I'm wrong. Thank you

  9. Olajuvon says

    Close Assault card when Russian Commissar rule is on. (Comment / Question)

    We played Eastern Front expansion. Scenario 38 Suomussalmi. My friend put close assault card under commissar and play probe card order 2 unit middle. He attacked 2 my ski infantry and they both got flags and retreat 3 hex. Next turn he must use close assault card but nobody anymore adjacent. Do we just skip turn or maybe command one unit?

    Thanks for a help!

    Olli M.

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