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  1. KBracey says

    Clarification (Comment / Question)

    Although it says that you &quot;order&quot; your units, you don't get the normal Move and Battle. The placing of sandbags is instead of the Move and Battle, not in addition.

  2. Meehael says

    Improving position on bunkers or hedgehogs (Comment / Question)

    Can sandbags be placed on a hex with a bunker or hedgehog? If so, can a unit ignore 2 flags while on a hex with bunker/hedgehog and sandbags?

  3. gheintze says

    Answer to the Bunkers/Hedgehogs Question (Comment / Question)

    Yes, sandbags can be placed on Bunkers and Hedgehogs. No the flag benefits do not stack. Only one flag can be ignored.

  4. gheintze says

    Dig-In Questions from the FAQ (Comment / Question)

    Q. Are there any restrictions to placing sandbags?
    A. Sandbags may be placed on any countryside or terrain land hex, including a hex with a bridge.
    Note: Sandbags may not be placed on ocean hexes or fords as they are not considered land hexes for this purpose.
    - When a unit does not benefit from any protection for its terrain, the sandbags reduce the number of Battle dice rolled by 1 when being attacked by Infantry or Armor.
    - If sandbags are placed on a hex with other terrain, battle dice terrain reductions and sandbag battle dice reduction are not cumulative.
    - Sandbags will allow a unit to ignore the first Flag rolled against it. Note: A unit may ignore the first Flag rolled against it, each time it is being attacked.

    Q. On the Dig-In card, it says, "Issue an order to 4 Infantry units. The units improve their position by..." Since the card says the Infantry receive an order, does that mean they can move and fire in addition to placing sandbags?
    A. No. They may only place the sandbags, no movement or combat.

    Q. On the Dig-In card it states, place "available" sandbags. Does it mean only my color or any color sandbags?
    A. The statement means that you are limited to the 12 sandbag pieces in the game. The color of the sandbag piece does not matter.

    Q. If defense is not cumulative, what is the advantage of putting sandbags on a terrain hex that already provides -1 Battle Dice protection?
    A. It allows the unit to ignore the first Flag.

    Q. When a unit with sandbags in its hex leaves (moves or retreats) or is destroyed, are the sandbags removed?
    A. Yes. The sandbags are removed immediately= after the unit leaves the hex for any reason.

  5. mokdevel says

    Amount of sand bags in Overlord game (Comment / Question)

    The base game limits the amount to 12. How about overlord game with to base games?

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