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  1. thelleha says

    adjacent enemy unit (Comment / Question)

    Does an adjacent enemy unit prohibit a unit from firefighting at other units, not adjacent?

  2. KBracey says

    That's the universal rule (Comment / Question)

    A standard battle rule is that if a unit is adjacent to an enemy unit, it has to Close Assault; it cannot Fire at a distant unit.

    And this tactic card is simply reinforcing that standard rule, as it specifically says that a firefighting unit can't be adjacent to an enemy unit.

  3. gheintze says

    Firefight Questions from the FAQ (Comment / Question)

    Q. When playing the Firefight card, units get an additional die. Does this means that Infantry can fire at "4, 3, 2, 1" or do they fire at "4, 3, 2"?
    A. As the card states, roll 1 additional die. The firing range is not extended, and because you cannot Close Assault with the Firefight card, the Infantry would battle: "0, 3, 2".

    Q. If a unit is ordered with Firefight, but the target unit is forced to retreat from a different attack and ends up adjacent to the unit before it was able to attack, is the unit still allowed to attack since it was ordered before they were adjacent?
    A. No. A unit that is ordered using Firefight may never target an adjacent enemy unit. The player looses that order.

  4. Von Luckner says

    Artillery (Comment / Question)

    The Artillery can be activated with the Firefight Card, or the card is only for direct-line vision fire?

  5. player698128 says

    well? (Comment / Question)

    please answer Von Luckner...

  6. AJMansfield says

    I was wondering that too... (Comment / Question)

    What Von Luckner said.

  7. Clexton27 says

    Artillery Ordered with FIREFIGHT (Comment / Question)

    In general, all artillery may be ordered with the FIREFIGHT as long as they aren't adjacent to enemy units.
    However, there are some scenarios that require LOS for Artillery, so check the specific rules for each scenario.

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