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Their Finest Hour

Their Finest Hour

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  1. player324141 says

    What does this do? (Comment / Question)

    Question: We always brought in new units with this card.

    Answer; It does precisely what the card says. These are not new units that magically appear on the board, but rather existing units. This card is powerful enough as it stands.

  2. Grand_Admiral_Thrawn says

    Are extra dice cumulative? (Comment / Question)

    Question: In the case of Japanese units fighting at plus one die (Seishin Kyoiku doctrine)does this mean that the Their Finest Hour card results in a full strength unit in close assault rolling five dice (three + one + one)?

  3. gheintze says

    Are extra dice cumulative Answer (Comment / Question)

    Yes, the extra dice are cumulative and in the example given, the Japanese would roll five dice.

  4. JoeChapsy says

    Cards Run Out (Comment / Question)

    What if the deck runs out with Their Finest Hour being drawn last? We always play that the deck is just reshuffled.

  5. jkubecki says

    What About Grenades? (Comment / Question)

    The card explicitly states that &quot;For each star rolled, 1 unit of your choice is ordered.&quot; But what about grenades? For DAMAGE, those would count as &quot;any unit.&quot; Do they here?

  6. jkubecki says

    What About Grenades? (Comment / Question)

    Just in case anyone else is wondering, the consensus on BoardGameGeek seems to be that Grenades have no effect:

  7. gheintze says

    Their Finest Hour Questions from the FAQ (Comment / Question)

    Q. Does a Grenade roll mean that you can order Artillery, or is the only way to order Artillery to get a Star result?
    A. Flag and Grenade rolls do not order any units when rolled for Their Finest Hour. A Star roll will order any unit and is the only way to order Artillery.

    Q. After playing Their Finest Hour does the player draw before or after the deck and discard piles are shuffled together?
    A. Shuffle the discards and deck together to form a new draw deck before drawing the new Command card.

    Q. When an Airplane is ordered by a Their Finest Hour Command card, does it roll an additional die in battle?
    A. Yes. The Airplane rolls 1 additional die in any Special action that involves dice rolled (Strafing and Kamikaze Attack).

    Q. Does Armor keep the additional die for an Armor Overrun attack?
    A. Yes.

  8. danieliscrazy says

    Does armor keep the additional die for armor overrun? (Comment / Question)

    NO! Despite what precious questions states. Read "close assault" card as it states that the extra die does not count for overrun.

  9. Ernest_Harmon says

    Answering danieliscrazy (Comment / Question)

    Sorry, but the FAQ clearly states armor keeps extra die for the Armor Overrun, using this card, NOT Close Assault. Repeat: Their Finest Hour is NOT Close Assault.

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