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Air Power

Air Power

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  1. player455260 says

    Total hits per matching symbol (Comment / Question)

    Question: If I am attacking four units that are adjacent (all infantry), roll 4 dice (axis air attack) and get 4 infantry symbols, does that mean I have 4 hits per hex or 4 total hits to be used across the 4 hex's? If the answer is 4 total hits to be used across the 4 hex's, who decides which units are hit?

    Answer: You successively would roll 1d per hex, applying each dice result to that particular hex. So if you rolled 1 infantry symbol on each, you would remove 1 infantry figure in each of the 4 infantry units you targeted. You could not reallocate your dice results differently.

  2. 5 star general says

    Counter-attack card on a Air power card (Comment / Question)

    Can a Counter-attack card be played against a Air power card?

  3. thelleha says

    More adjacent enemy units (Comment / Question)

    When playing an &quot;Air Power&quot; cardon a &quot;group of four or fewer adjacent&quot; troops, can they be part of a larger group, like making a bombardment on 4 of 5 adjacent units?

    Yes, they can be part of a larger group.
    However, you cannot hit more than 4 units using this card.

  4. KBracey says

    Yes, you can counter-attack (Comment / Question)

    You can certainly counter-attack an Air Power Card. The only exception would be in a scenario where you specifically weren't permitted to play an Air Power card due to air superiority by the other side.

  5. KBracey says

    Can you choose the order of attack? (Comment / Question)

    I assume that you can attack the 4 enemy units in the order of your choice, as it's not specified.

    But does that still apply to the similar Strafing action under Air Rules? Answers to that Air Rules Card...

  6. tank commander says

    Strafing order. (Comment / Question)

    When using AIR POWER, you may choose to attack the targeted units in any order you wish.

    When using the Air Rules, any strafing attack must be resolved in the order in which the plane flew over the targets.

    For example: I play Air Power when Air Rules are in use. I order my plane to fly a Strafing mission and it first flies over a tank, then an Inf then and Arty. I must attack the units in that order - 1) tank 2) Inf and thne lastly 3) the arty.

  7. gheintze says

    Air Power Questions from the FAQ (Comment / Question)

    Q. If I am attacking four units that are adjacent (all Infantry) and roll 4 dice (Axis Air attack) and get 4 Infantry symbols, does that mean I have 4 hits per hex or 4 total hits to be used across the 4 hexes?
    A. For Air Power, you would roll 1 die per hex, applying each result to that particular hex before rolling for the next hex. So if you rolled 1 Infantry symbol on each, you would remove 1 Infantry figure from each of the 4 Infantry units you targeted.

    Q. Can a Counter-Attack card be played against an Air Power card?
    A. Yes.

    Q. Is the Air Power card played exactly like the Air Sortie card if I am using Air Rules?
    A. No. The Air Power card is an Air Sortie equivalent, so when you draw the Air Power card, it is placed in your hand instead of next to your card holder.

    Q. How many hexes can I target with the Air Power card?
    A. You can target 4 or fewer. This means you can target 1, 2, 3, or 4 hexes.

  8. Mr Bluze says

    Against Artillery (Comment / Question)

    Air Power is useful against Artillery, especially if the artillery is in a city with sandbags, because of the extra hit (star symbol) and flags are ignored.

  9. Kvestel says

    Counter attack of the BEF (Comment / Question)

    Scenario rules say Allies cannot use Air Power card. When using Air Pack and Blitz rules, are the Allies allowed to use Air Sortie and Recon cards to use planes?

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