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  1. Stav says

    Start to be a mess (Comment / Question)

    I have all the series of the Memoir 44
    (except the bag!)

    1)I wonder how difficult was for you to include
    the 2 nation cards 5-6 and the terrain 63-64 (where is 65) in the campaign book or the meditarrenean theater

    2)Ok Spanish republicans and Finish ski troops
    what about Greece who fought as a Nation,
    at least a badgesign ???

  2. jamesmhebert says

    Who can remove an abatis (engineer unit, infantry only, or both)? (Comment / Question)

    The FAQ supplement, referring to the Terrain Pack, states that an Engineer unit moving into an abatis hex may either remove the abatis (as it is a type of roadblock) -or- battle out at -1 die. This seems to imply that *only* an Engineer unit may do this.

    However, the card states that normal Infantry may remove the abatis, and does not mention Engineer units.

    It seems odd that a specialist unit has an ability that normal infantry has also, as this appears to negate the need for the specialist unit.

    Can either unit, then, remove an abatis?

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