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  1. Stav says

    Start to be a mess (Comment / Question)

    I have all the series of the Memoir 44
    (except the bag!)

    1)I wonder how difficult was for you to include
    the 2 nation cards 5-6 and the terrain 63-64 (where is 65) in the campaign book or the meditarrenean theater

    2)Ok Spanish republicans and Finish ski troops
    what about Greece who fought as a Nation,
    at least a badgesign ???

  2. jamesmhebert says

    Who can remove an abatis (engineer unit, infantry only, or both)? (Comment / Question)

    The FAQ supplement, referring to the Terrain Pack, states that an Engineer unit moving into an abatis hex may either remove the abatis (as it is a type of roadblock) -or- battle out at -1 die. This seems to imply that *only* an Engineer unit may do this.

    However, the card states that normal Infantry may remove the abatis, and does not mention Engineer units.

    It seems odd that a specialist unit has an ability that normal infantry has also, as this appears to negate the need for the specialist unit.

    Can either unit, then, remove an abatis?

  3. sazhukov says

    Who can remove a abatis-answer. (Comment / Question)

    "Play the abatis as a wire,that is impassable to Armor and Artillery",this what it says in CB1. So,it can be removed by normal Infantry.

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