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Imperial Japanese Army

Imperial Japanese Army

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  1. gheintze says

    Japanese Infantry when flags may not be ignored (Comment / Question)

    Q. When a Command card states &quot;flags may not be ignored,&quot; must Japanese infantry ignored these flags?

    A. No
    Command cards the state flags may not be ignored still will cause Japanese infantry to retreat. Like many of you, members of my game group refer to this as &quot;Command cards trump the rules&quot;.

  2. Tulfa says

    Seishin Kyoiku &amp; Close Assault card (Comment / Question)

    Q. Does the +1 die from the Close Assault card stack with the +1 from the Japanese Command rule?

    A. The one thing I have found seems to indicate that it does:

  3. Tulfa says

    Seishin Kyoiku and Close Assault card (Comment / Question)

    That web address in full:

  4. gheintze says

    When Flags may not be ignored, from the FAQ (Comment / Question)

    Q. May Japanese Infantry ignore Flags from a Barrage or Air Power Command card?
    A. No. Command cards that state Flags may not be ignored will still force Japanese Infantry units to retreat. This includes Strafing Airplanes.

  5. gheintze says

    Answer to Seishin Kyoiku and Close Assault (Comment / Question)

    Yes the bonuses stack, so the Japanese would get +2 die in this example.

  6. gheintze says

    Japanese Army in Overlord (Comment / Question)

    Q. Under the Imperial Japanese Army Command rules, in an Overlord scenario, if you roll a die to order a unit without playing a card and you roll a Flag, do you have to retreat a unit, or is that Flag ignored because Japanese Infantry never retreat?
    A. The Japanese unit must retreat. Japanese Infantry only ignore Flags when they are being attacked.

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