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Special Weapon Assets Rules

Special Weapon Assets Rules

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  1. Clexton27 says

    Can a BEL card allow a SWA unit to move and battle (Comment / Question)

    Yes, ruling by Eric that the Card trumps the unit rules found in the FORUM:

    Re:SWA Question 26 June 2009

    It is not a question about whether you can use the BEL card on SWA infantry. Only whether they are allowed to battle when they use it.

    But I have tracked down Eric's official answer:


    in short: &quot;The BEL card overrules the standard rule&quot;

  2. gheintze says

    SWA Questions from the FAQ (Comment / Question)

    Q. Can a Special Weapon Asset (SWA) unit be ordered with Behind Enemy Lines to move up to three hexes and still attack?
    A. Yes. In this case, the card overrules the SWA movement limitation and allows a Special Weapon Asset unit to move three hexes, attack and then move three more hexes. The unit could also move six hexes without attacking.

    Q. Can a Special Weapon Asset unit be ordered with Infantry Assault and move three hexes?
    A. Yes. The normal SWA unit rules apply though, so it cannot attack, even if it just moves one hex.

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