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  1. gheintze says

    Taking Ground (Comment / Question)

    Q. Can an Armor unit move 2 hexes on the beach, have a successful close assault and Armor Overrun, to move 3 hexes?
    A. Yes, an Armor unit could do that. Look in the book or on the summary card for Beaches: Battle: No combat restrictions. A
    unit may still Take Ground after a successful Close Assault Combat. The second sentence here shows that Armor could move 2 hexes on a beach and Take Ground for 1 extra hex of movement.

  2. gheintze says

    Beaches (from the FAQ) (Comment / Question)

    Q. When an Armor unit moves two hexes along clear terrain, may it enter a beach hex as its third hex of movement?
    A. No. A unit that moves onto a beach hex during any part of its movement phase (it does not matter if its the first or second hex) may only move 2 hexes for its total movement this turn. The unit, however, may Take Ground or Armor Overrun and gain an additional hex of movement that way.
    - An Armor unit moves ashore from the ocean. The first hex is a beach. The Armor can only move one more hex because it is limited to 2 hexes total.
    - An Armor unit moves from one beach hex to another. The next hex is open ground, but the unit must stop after entering the open ground because it moved onto a beach hex first and is limited to 2 hexes.
    - An Armor unit moves across one open hex then onto a beach hex. It must stop when it enters the beach hex because the 2 hex limit applies when the unit enters the beach hex.

    Q. Can a unit move (not retreat) from a beach hex onto an ocean hex?
    A. Yes. Although it seems strange, units can move from a beach hex onto an ocean hex or from one ocean hex to another.

    Q. Is desert terrain different than beaches, even though they look similar?
    A. Yes. Desert terrain is played just like countryside open terrain.

  3. Mighty Jim 83 says

    Reason for "Onto"? (Comment / Question)

    Why does it say that the maximum movement "onto" beach hexes is 2. This implies that the max is only two if you move from Ocean-Beach, or countryside-beach. Beach to Beach would seem to be implied to be allowed as 3 - which is not what happens in practice.

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