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  1. Larsine says

    Sandbags on other terrain? (Comment / Question)

    According to the * on the card sandbags only protects (-1 attack die) when placed on countryside or beach hexes. But what happens if sandbags are placed on Airfields, Cemeteries, Dams, Flooded Fields, High Grounds, Marshes, Minefields, Ponton Bridges, Railroad Bridges, Railroad Tracks, Fords &amp; Fordable Rivers, Roads, Supply Depots, Dragon's Teeth, Frozen Rivers, Ravines, Fish Ponds, Hospitals, HQs &amp; Supply Tents, Piers, Rice Paddies, Fordable Streams or Rope Bridges? Or from Hill of the same level?

    It would be more correct to change to text to the original text from the M44 rulebook: When a unit does not benefit from any protection for its terrain, the sandbags
    reduce the number of Battle dice rolled by 1 when attacked by Infantry or Armor.

  2. gheintze says

    Removing sandbags after a unit is destroyed or retreats (Comment / Question)

    The rules say that &quot;when a unit leaves a hex with sandbags, the sandbags are removed.&quot; Does a unit being destroyed count as &quot;leaving&quot; the hex?


    If a unit is in a hex with sandbags and another unit destroys it or forces it to retreat and then takes ground into the hex, are the sandbags removed?


  3. gheintze says

    Do engineers ignore terrain modifcations from obstacles? (Comment / Question)

    Are things like Field Bunkers and Sandbags considered terrain for the engineer's ability to ignore terrain in a Close Assault? Since the FAQ on Sandbags comments on Sandbags on &quot;other terrain&quot; I rules that yes, they did count, but I'd like to get some clarification.

    Yes, engineers ignore all terrain modifications, including obstacles such as sandbags and bunkers.

  4. gheintze says

    Ignoring flags when attacked by engineers (Comment / Question)

    The Engineer unit would still roll 3 dice in an attack on a sandbagged unit but would the defending unit still have the option to ignore one flag?

    Yes, the defender still has the ability to ignore one flag.

  5. GhostWolf69 says

    Sandbags will block LOS (Comment / Question)

    The card says that Sandbags don't block LOS. But since the Sandbags are only ever there as long as there is a Unit standing there and the Unit will block LOS... see where I'm going?

    Is there any effect in the game that will make this statement (the last one on the card about LOS) necessary? Or could it have been removed as redundant? Are there scenario specific rules where Sandbags are left in place even if abandoned for instance?


  6. GhostWolf69 says

    Air check stacking? (Comment / Question)

    I could not find this in the Air rules but will the Air Check for the Sandbag stack with the Air Check for the original Hex? I would say YES since it doesn't make sense to let the Sandbags have an Air Check value otherwise, but I could not find it in the rules. The same question could be raised for Bridges etc. that are placed on Hexes.


  7. Justinian2 says

    Air check doesn't stack (Comment / Question)

    Air check is the bigger value of the underlying obtacle/terrain. see FAQ

  8. gheintze says

    Sandbag Questions from the FAQ (Comment / Question)

    Q. When a unit with sandbags in its hex leaves (moves or retreats) or is destroyed, are the sandbags removed?
    A. Yes.

    Q. If defense is not cumulative, what is the advantage of putting sandbags on a building terrain?
    A. It allows the unit to ignore the first flag.

    Q. Are there any restrictions to placing sandbags?
    A. Sandbags may be placed on any countryside or terrain land hex, including a hex with a bridge. This means they can be placed on hexes with bunkers, hedgehogs, barbed wire, Dams, and Marsh hexes. Note: Sandbags may not be placed on Ocean hexes or Fords as they are not considered land hexes for this purpose.
    - When a unit does not benefit from any protection for its terrain, the sandbags reduce the number of Battle dice rolled by 1 when attacked by Infantry or Armor.
    - Battle dice terrain reductions and the sandbag battle dice reduction are not cumulative when sandbags are placed on a hex with other terrain.
    - Sandbags will allow a unit to ignore the first flag rolled against it. Note: A unit may ignore the first flag rolled against it each time it is being attacked.

    Q. On the Dig-In card it says to place an "available" sandbag on a hex. Does it mean only my color or any color sandbag?
    A. The statement means that the number of sandbags limits you to 12 sandbag pieces in the game. The color of the sandbag piece does not matter.

    Q. On the Dig-In card, it says, "Issue an order to 4 Infantry units. The units improve their position by..." Since the card says the Infantry receive an order, does that mean they can move and fire in addition to placing sandbags?
    A. No. They may only place the sandbags, with no movement or combat.

  9. gheintze says

    Sandbags in Operation Market Garden (Comment / Question)

    The sandbags are missing from the Towns that are occupied by the Germans at the start of the scenario. Before beginning play, place a sandbag obstacle on each of the 7 town hexes occupied by a German Infantry or Artillery unit.

  10. --JP says

    Does "ignore 1 flag" stack? (Comment / Question)

    In other words, would a unit in an Oasis with a sandbag be able to ignore 2 flags?

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