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Sea Wall

Sea Wall

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  1. gheintze says

    Omaha Beach Sea Wall (Comment / Question)

    Q. In the Omaha Beach scenario two sandbag pieces act as a sea wall, a permanent improved position feature. Does this mean that they stay on the board, even if the hexes they protect are abandoned?
    A. Yes. The sea wall may not be removed and units may move through the seawall hex as normal.

    Q. May the Axis player use the sea wall as a defensive position?
    A. No. The sea wall only protects the Allies.

  2. bigmal40 says

    Dieppe - sea wall (Comment / Question)

    The sea wall card says the unit benefits if "behind" Sea Wall. Does this mean that the defensive benefits depend on the unit's facing? ie attack must be through the hexside protected by the sea wall/ sandbag marker.

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