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Towns & Villages

Towns & Villages

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  1. gheintze says

    Armor in Towns attack other units in Towns (Comment / Question)

    Q. Can an Armor unit ever attack from a town hex and target an enemy unit in another town hex?
    A. No. Armor attacking out of a town hex is -2 dice and targeting a unit on a town hex is -2 dice resulting in no dice rolled. The only possible exception would be a Flame Thrower Tank (see below).

    Q. Can a Flame Thrower Tank unit ever attack from one town hex into another town hex?
    A. Yes, but only in the following special situation: Flame Thrower Tanks battle with 3 dice, +1 die when ordered by Their Finest Hour, Armor Assault and Close Combat = 4 dice. Battle out of town -2 dice, target enemy unit in adjacent town hex -1 die (Flame Thrower Tanks terrain battle dice reduction limited to 1 max in Close Assault) so in the end, the attack would be with 1 Battle die.

  2. player617478 says

    Armor in adjacent towns (Comment / Question)

    Based on the above first question...what if you have two adjacent town hexes representing as one whole town does the -2 firing out and in still apply?

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