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  1. Ironhill says

    Minefield house rule: (House Rule)

    A retreating unit must stopp and does roll for hits.
    A fiendly unit entering a minefield rolls for hits too with -1.

  2. gheintze says

    Surviving Minefields (Comment / Question)

    Q. If a unit is still eligible, can it battle out of a minefield if it survives the explosion?
    A. Yes. However, units cannot Take Ground or Armor Overrun even if they have a successful close assault because mines, like wire, do not allow units to move any further that turn.

  3. mrbulow says

    Counters available !?! (Comment / Question)

    * "Draw at random from all minefield counters available.... "

    Does this mean that I take all minefields from all of my extensions, draw random the number of mines to match the set up, and user into eg. a breakthrough game ?

  4. poil333 says

    Draw at Random (Comment / Question)

    The draw at random rule seems to me thins could get weird for the Winter Wars Scenerios. Supposedly the mines were hastily laid and thus all the mine values are low, but the possibility of the 4 value mine could make things very... interesting/messy.

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