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  1. Grand_Admiral_Thrawn says

    Terrain Modifiers (Comment / Question)

    1) Do units attacking from mountains ignore the terrain protection of units on hills?

    2) Can a unit on a mountain be attacked by units at ground level or only from a hill hex?

  2. gheintze says

    Terrain Modifier answer (Comment / Question)

    1) Units attacking from mountains do not ignore the terrain protection of hills. It is stated that units at the same height as your unit ignore the battle dice reduction. Mountains and hills are not at the sam height, so the reduction applies.

    2) Yes, a unit on a mountain can be attacked by units at ground level.

  3. gheintze says

    Correction to above answer (Comment / Question)

    1) Units attacking from mountains DO ignore the terrain protection of hills. Hills reductions only apply to units battling from below (see the hills card).

  4. Clexton27 says

    Hills attacking mountains (Comment / Question)

    Do units on mountains being attacked by units on hills have the full -2 die reduction or only -1, since the units on hills are closer in altitude than units on the regular ground?


  5. Shnik says

    Hills attacking mountains answer (Comment / Question)

    The card states the -2 die reduction &quot;applies to units battling from below&quot;; relative height isn't mentioned and hence doesn't matter.

  6. gheintze says

    Mountain Questions from the FAQ (Comment / Question)

    Q. Can an Infantry or Armor unit on a Mountain hex see over a terrain hex that blocks line of sight since mountains are at such a high elevation?
    A. No. All terrain that block line of sight, even though they may be low elevation, prevent units from seeing more distant targets. Note: Unless noted otherwise in the scenarios special rules, Mountains are impassible to Armor and Artillery units.

    Q. What is the battle reduction when targeting an enemy unit on a mountain hex?
    A. Infantry and Armor battle dice are reduced by 2 when attacking from below (hill or countryside hex) or from another mountain hex that is not part of the same mountain range. Note: Units attacking from hill hexes still suffer -2 battle die when attacking units on mountain hexes.

    Q. Do Mountains and Escarpments block line of sight for artillery units?
    A. No, unless stated otherwise in the scenarios special rules.

  7. boersma8 says

    Maximum infantry movement on mountains. (Comment / Question)

    Just to maje completely sure, infantry can only move a maximum of one hex on or onto a mountain hex, correct? However, it may then still battle.

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