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Pontoon Bridges

Pontoon Bridges

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  1. Achtung Panzer says

    Buidling pontoon bridges (Comment / Question)

    In the Driving to Sedan game in Campaign Book 1 (p70) it mentions that pontoon bridges can be built &quot;by any German infantry unit&quot;. This is not mentioned in the card so must an infantry unit be adjacent to a river before a bridge can be built by playing an Attack card?

  2. gheintze says

    Pontoon Bridge Questions from the FAQ (Comment / Question)

    Q. Does one of my units have to be adjacent to the river hex where I want to build my pontoon bridge?
    A. No. Building a pontoon bridge is a card play and does not require any units to be present. Note: Building pontoon bridges is a scenario specific rule.

    Q. If Im allowed to build pontoon bridges, and my opponent is allowed to blow up bridges (like in Cadets of Saumur), can my opponent blow up a bridge I just built?
    A. Yes.

  3. player617478 says

    When can use you a newly built pontoon bridge? (Comment / Question)

    If I built a pontoon bridge, can I use it on the same turn or do I have to wait till next turn?

  4. Tantalon says

    Reply: When can use you a newly built pontoon bridge? (Comment / Question)

    Reply to When can use you a newly built pontoon bridge?
    You must wait til next turn to use the pontoon bridge because the card states "play an ATTACK command card and order no units". This indicates that building the pontoon bridge is the only action you can take that turn.

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