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Railroad Bridges

Railroad Bridges

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  1. gheintze says

    Artillery Movement on Railroad Bridges (Comment / Question)

    Q. The description on p. 12 (Terrain expansion) says there are no Infantry movement restrictions and Armor must stop on a Railroad Bridge, but what about Artillery?
    A. An Artillery unit, as stated for railroad tracks, must stop when moving onto a railroad bridge hex.

  2. gheintze says

    Railroad Bridges in Sword of Stalingrad (Comment / Question)

    Q. The card printed on this map for Railroad Bridges (Terrain 37) says that units can only enter from adjacent track hexes, which is different than the normal Terrain Card. Is this a special rule for this scenario?
    A. No. The first statement on the card, Railroad bridges may only be entered or exited from adjacent track hexes, does not apply to Sword of Stalingrad, nor is it a special rule for this scenario. In fact, the design of the scenario allows units to move from any adjacent hex onto a Railroad bridge, even from a Balka (Terrain 65 - Balkas), where it says, Unit may move out of a Balka directly onto a Bridge and vice versa, but must stop when doing so.

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