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Caves On Hills

Caves On Hills

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  1. bigmal40 says

    Die roll reduction (Comment / Question)

    Question: So units fighting other units on the same hill range receive NO die roll reduction even if the defender is on a hill with cave; is this correct?

    Answer: If you fight a Japanese unit that is on a cave on hill, you fight it at -2. In all other cases, you fight the unit like you would if it was on a regular hill.

  2. gheintze says

    Caves on Hills Questions from the FAQ (Comment / Question)

    Q. When a Japanese Infantry unit wants to move between cave hexes, can it move anywhere on the board or can it only move to adjacent caves?
    A. A Japanese Infantry unit can move from one cave to any other empty cave hex on the board; they do not have to be adjacent.

    Q. After moving through a cave network, can a Japanese Infantry unit Take Ground after a successful Close Assault?
    A. Yes

    Q. Only the Japanese units benefit from the defense of caves, but if an Allied unit is on a cave hex do they enjoy the defensive benefit of the underlying terrain?
    A. Yes. Allied units receive the battle benefit from the underlying hill (-1 from below) or mountain (-2).

    Q. After reading the rule book and Summary Cards, Im not clear on what the battle die reductions are.
    A. The statement at the bottom of these cards has caused some confusion. The correct rules are: Armor and Infantry will battle at -2 when attacking a Japanese Infantry unit on any cave hex, regardless of elevation. Armor and Infantry will battle at -1 when attacking a non Japanese Infantry unit on a caves on hills hex from below (just like normal hills).

  3. Piero C says

    Japanese Units in Caves (Comment / Question)

    Do Japanese units in caves have to retreat when they are targeted by a Barrage or Air Power card and a flag is rolled?

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