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  1. MigsAna says

    Operation Lüttich (Comment / Question)

    Moving onto a hill is a 2 hex move in Operation Lüttich
    Can tanks do an armor overrun up onto a hill?
    Do the hills still only reduce the number of dice by one for a tank that is attacking?
    Would it make sense to have "special" rules for the 2 hexes that are "Hill 317"?- For example: Dice reduced by 2 for tanks attacking and tanks cannot move onto these hills. Wasn't that the case in reality?
    thank you Nick

  2. gheintze says

    Hills Questions from the FAQ (Comment / Question)

    Q. Is there a die reduction when a unit is attacking from one hill hex to another hill hex?
    A. No. There is only a reduction for attacking from a lower elevation.

    Q. Can an Infantry or Armor unit on a hill hex see over a terrain hex that blocks Line of Sight?
    A. No. Terrain (towns, forests, hedgerows, bunkers, etc) and units, both friendly and enemy, still block Line of Sight.

    Q. Can an Infantry or Armor unit on a hill hex see over a terrain hex that blocks Line of Sight if the target unit is also on a hill hex?
    A. No. Also note that when there is a group of hill hexes together, an enemy unit on ground level, or on a nearby but separate hill, will only have Line of Sight to the front hill hexes (the first rank). The same is true in reverse; a unit cannot see over a hill to an enemy at ground level or on a nearby but separate hill. The plateau explanation in the rules is there because hills are the only type of terrain, besides ergs &amp; ridges, that doesnt block line of sight when they are in a contiguous group. Note: Look for the scenario Hills (Examples of Line of Sight) in the Official Scenarios section online for a visual explanation.

  3. gheintze says

    Answer to the above Operation Luttich question (Comment / Question)

    No, tanks cannot do an armor overrun. See the Cliffs and Sea Bluffs card.
    Yes, the attack dice are still only reduced by one die.

  4. gheintze says

    Corrected Answer to the above Operation Luttich question. (Comment / Question)

    Actually, these are steep hills (Terrain Card 13). Armor may take ground and armor overrun on these hills. There is nothing in the rules that says otherwise.

  5. gheintze says

    Hill is the St. Vith scenario (Comment / Question)

    Q. In the St. Vith, Ardennes scenario, a special rule states that the hills toward St. Vith are impassable. On the map, this translates to the fact that units moving out from St. Vith can't climb the hills. What about units coming in toward St. Vith?
    A. The mountains in the Air Pack version are impassable both ways, moving from St. Vith and going toward St. Vith (unlike in the original base game version of the same scenario where the hills were only impassable along the hex sides that faced St- Vith).

  6. Grand_Admiral_Thrawn says

    Die reduction (non-contiguous hills) (Comment / Question)

    Does a unit on a hill attacking another unit on a non-contiguous hill have any die reduction?

  7. crono96 says

    Hills Questions from the FAQ (Comment / Question)

    does a sandbag on a hill protect the unit from a unit firing from another hill

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