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Fordable Streams

Fordable Streams

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  1. Clexton27 says

    Misprint in Air Pack Rules and Scenarios manual (Comment / Question)

    According to the Air Pack manual, under Special Rules for the following Pacific scenarios:
    5-Matanikau River
    7-Clearing Matanikau River
    8-Guam Landings
    9-Japanese Counter-Attack
    The water features listed are Fordable Streams (card#61)
    However in each of these scenarios the manual states;
    &quot;(Terrain 41-Fords &amp; Fordable Rivers)&quot;
    This is a misprint. All the water terrains in these scenarios are Fordable Streams not Fordable Rivers.
    See Forum link:

  2. Clexton27 says

    Hedgerow Hell (Comment / Question)

    The scenario map for Hedgerow Hell has the same misprint. The text says &quot;Fordable Streams&quot; but the reference card is #41 for Fords &amp; Fordable Rivers. :(

  3. gheintze says

    Hedgerow Hell Terrain (Comment / Question)

    Q. The text says Fordable Streams but the reference card is #41 for Fords &amp; Fordable Rivers. Which is the correct water feature?
    A. None of the water courses in this area could we classify as large rivers, so the special rules as written - All the streams are fordable (Terrain 41 - Fords &amp; Fordable Rivers) is the correct summary card for the Hedgerow Hell scenario.

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