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  1. gheintze says

    Bridge Questions from the FAQ (Comment / Question)

    Q. Does a bridge block Line of Sight?
    A. No, unless stated otherwise in a scenarios special rules.

    Q. Do you have to be adjacent to the bridge to blow it?
    A. No. Blowing up a bridge is a card play that does not require a unit to be adjacent to the bridge unless stated otherwise in the Special Rules. Note: The rules for blowing up a bridge are not permanent rules, but rather scenario-specific additions, outlined in the Special Rules section of each scenario.

    Q. Does the orientation of the bridge matter, or can a unit move onto the bridge from any adjacent non-waterway hex?
    A. A unit may move onto a bridge from any adjacent non-waterway hex.

    Q. Can I move from a river hex onto a bridge?
    A. No, because a river hex is impassable terrain. Units cannot move directly from a collapsible raft or boat to a bridge either.

    Q. Can I move sideways from one bridge to another bridge if they are right next to each other?
    A. No. A unit may only move onto a bridge from an adjacent non-waterway hex.

    Q. Does a bridge over a river prevent a unit from moving 1 additional hex of road movement?
    A. Yes. A bridge will cut off the road movement bonus.

    Q. In the Nijmegen Bridges scenario, can a Special Forces Infantry unit, moving along the river, directly capture the bridge?
    A. No. A unit may only enter a bridge hex from a land hex not directly from a collapsible raft &amp; boat. A unit could battle and eliminate an enemy unit on the bridge but could not Take Ground onto the bridge.

    Q. Can an Infantry unit in a collapsible raft or boat go under a bridge?
    A. No.

  2. gheintze says

    Bridges in the Cadets of Saumur Scenario (Comment / Question)

    Bridges (Terrain 9) are played normally in this scenario. The card printed on the map was accidentally changed.

  3. gheintze says

    Bridge Control in Operation Market Garden (Comment / Question)

    Q. There is some confusion about how to determine uncontested control of the bridges in this scenario. When does a player have uncontested control of a bridge?
    A. In the Market Garden scenario a bridge is under uncontested control when a unit is on the bridge (or in an adjacent hex) and there is no enemy unit on the same bridge (or in any adjacent hex). Basically you must be on or near the bridge and your enemy cannot be; both of these conditions must be true or the bridge is contested.

  4. JFKoski says

    Rivers and bridges (Comment / Question)

    Presumably you can't move directly from a river hex to a hex with a bridge, even if it's frozen river or Fordable River or Fordable Stream. It doesn't say this explicitly.

  5. drobinson99 says

    Fate of a unit on a blown bridge (Comment / Question)

    What happens to a unit on a bridge that is blown up?

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