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Standard Units

Standard Units

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  1. gheintze says

    Bastogne Corridor East Clarification (Comment / Question)

    In the 'Bastogne Corridor East' scenario in the Air Pack scenario book, the western Exit marker is printed on top of another unit. That unit is an armor unit.

  2. gheintze says

    Taking Ground (Comment / Question)

    Q. Can a unit Take Ground beyond its normal movement capacity (i.e. Infantry Special Forces unit moves 2, close assault,
    destroys enemy unit, Takes Ground; making a move of 3 hexes)?
    A. Yes. Special movements like Take Ground and Armor Overrun take place during Step 4 - Battle, and are in addition to the
    units normal movement.

    Q. Can an Armor unit move 3 hexes, close assault, destroy the enemy unit and Armor Overrun, force a retreat of a different
    unit in close assault and move another hex, but not battle, for a total of 5 hexes moved in one turn?
    A. Yes, but the battle and movement restrictions for any terrain hexes entered will still apply.

  3. gheintze says

    Taking Ground with Armor into Terrain with Battle Restrictions (Comment / Question)

    Q. May an Armor unit after a successful close assault on an enemy in a Forest, Town or Hedgerow, Armor Overrun by taking ground and attacking again, or does the terrain battle restriction prevent that?
    A. An Armor unit could Take Ground into these terrain hexes, but the terrain would prevent it from battling. Any terrain that does not allow battling the same turn it is entered would play the same. Note: Hedgerows can only be entered with Take Ground or Armor Overrun if the unit started the turn adjacent to the Hedgerow hex.

  4. gheintze says

    More Standard Unit Questions from the FAQ (Comment / Question)

    Q. Does Artillery ignore terrain as well as fixed and removable obstacles?
    A. Yes. See Bunkers (Terrain 2) and Sandbags (Terrain 10). Artillery battle dice are not reduced. Exception - see Wadis and Gullies (Terrain 44). Artillery battle dice are reduced by one.

    Q. Do units, especially an Artillery unit in a bunker, have a 360-degree arc of fire?
    A. Yes. See Bunkers (Terrain 2).

    Q. If an Infantry or Armor unit attacks and rolls 2 retreat flags, can it Take Ground or Armor Overrun the 2 hexes along the retreat path or just one hex?
    A. Normally units can only Take Ground or Armor Overrun one hex. However, when North African Desert Rules are in effect on a successful Close Assault, an Armor unit may move onto the vacated hex and move 1 additional hex before attacking again.

    Q. When Armor makes a Close Assault attack which is given a bonus die by Their Finest Hour, Armored Assault or Close Assault Command cards, and then gets to make an Armor Overrun, does it keep the bonus die for the second attack?
    A. It depends on the card:
    - For the Their Finest Hour card, the Armor unit on an Armor Overrun will receive the bonus die for both range and Close Assault attacks.
    - For the Armor Assault card, the Armor unit on an Armor Overrun will receive the bonus die for Close Assault but not if the Overrun is a range attack.
    - For the Close Assault card, the Armor unit on an Armor Overrun will not receive the bonus die for either range or Close Assault attacks.

  5. gheintze says

    Tanks in Operation Market Garden (Comment / Question)

    Q. How far can tanks travel in this battle?
    A. In this battle, Armor can only move 2 hexes (whether they battle or not) unless they are on a road. If they are on a road for the entire move, they can move 4 hexes and still battle.

  6. pdp8 says

    Do protected units get to ignore flags from artillery? (Comment / Question)

    This card says artilery "Ignore line of sight and terrain protections" - I assume "terrain protections" is just "terrain (battle dice) reductions". When artillery fires on a unit behind sandbags, hedgehog, in a bunker, etc. the unit still gets to ignore flags as appropriate to the terrain, right?

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