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Aircraft Carriers

Aircraft Carriers

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  1. Caboose says

    Airplane & aircraft carrier movement (Comment / Question)

    Questions: Based on the summary card, it would seem that an aircraft can land and takeoff from an aircraft carrier.

    But can BOTH move at the same time?

    Example 1: Airplane on carrier. Carrier and airplane ordered. Aircraft carrier moves. Then airplane takes off and moves.

    Example 2: Airplane and carrier are ordered. Airplane lands onto carrier. Carrier then moves.

    Are both examples allowed ? If not, please clarify.

    Answers:For example 1, you can only order 1 unit per hex in a given turn. So you either order the aircraft carrier to move and battle OR the airplane that was on it to take-off, not both.

    For example 2, because a unit can only move once in a turn, you cannot do this. What you could do, though, is order the airplane and order the aircraft carrier, then move the aircraft carrier to a desired spot and move the airplane to land on it once it's move is done

  2. gheintze says

    Recovering Damage for an Aircraft Carrier (Comment / Question)

    Q. Can I recover damage points for an Aircraft Carrier by playing Medics &amp; Mechanics on it?
    A. No.

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