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Landing Craft (LC)

Landing Craft (LC)

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  1. Landing Craft cannot enter hex with Hedgehogs 


  1. Clexton27 says

    Landing Craft cannot enter hex with Hedgehogs (FAQ entry)

    Memoir rule book, p.16 referenced by R Borg in forums. Thanks, Stevens

    Correct. A Landing craft cannot move (nor disembark its troops) on any hex that contains a hedgehog.

  2. JS6583 says

    Can a unit move in the same turn that it disembarks from a Landing Craft? (Comment / Question)

    Question: Can a unit move in the same turn that it disembarks from a Landing Craft? I know it can't battle, but once it moves 2 aboard the LC can it move on its own?

    Answer: No.

  3. gheintze says

    Landing Craft Questions from the FAQ (Comment / Question)

    Q. The rules for Landing Craft in the Air Pack rules are different than the Summary card. Which one is correct?
    A. The Summary Card is correct. The Landing Craft rule in the Air Pack at the top of page 11, second column, should say: When Landing Craft finish their move on a beach hex, they are automatically removed, at no medal cost, and the unit they carried left on the hex they landed on The text -or shore hex- is deleted. Also: They have no direct battle capability, and the units they carry may not battle while in them or during the turn in which they land on the beach. The word -shore- is changed to beach.

    Q. Can a Landing Craft move onto any terrain hex or only a beach hex?
    A. Landing Craft can move onto any countryside hex, beach hex, terrain hex, or obstacle, as long as the hex is not impassable for the Landing Craft or the unit on board.

    Q. How is an Infantry unit on a Landing Craft ordered with Behind Enemy Lines?
    A. A Landing Craft (even if an Infantry unit is in it) cannot be ordered with the Behind Enemy Lines Command card.

    Q. With an Infantry Assault card, does a Landing Craft with Infantry move an extra hex?
    A. No. Landing Craft cannot be ordered with an Infantry Assault Command card.

    Q. How is Landing Craft ordered with Artillery Bombard or Armor Assault if its carrying an Artillery or Armor unit?
    A. A Landing Craft cannot be ordered by the Artillery Bombard or Armor Assault Command cards. Note: A unit may not battle when on a Landing Craft.

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