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Supply Trucks

Supply Trucks

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  1. womanofdarkdesire says

    missing card? (Comment / Question)

    Is there a card #16?

  2. Clexton27 says

    Expanded Rules for Supply Trucks (Comment / Question)

    Here is the website for the Supply Truck expanded rules.

  3. tank commander says

    orders to resupply? (Comment / Question)

    Does a truck need to be ordered to resupply a unit?

    I am asking because it is not clear that this is the case. It does state that the supply truck (and well as any unit being supplied may move before hand). But if a truck starts a turn adjacent to a weakened unit(s), can it resupply w/o an order?

  4. Clexton27 says

    Order to Resupply Answer - Richard Borg (Comment / Question);start=0

    Only when a Supply Truck is ordered may it re-supply a weakened unit.

    A Supply Truck unit may never battle. Instead, it may re-supply
    another unit.

    The weakened unit that is being re-supplied does not have to be ordered.

    RIchard Borg

  5. rooster5 says

    Supply Truck Card (Comment / Question)

    Is there a troops card for the trucks? I have every expansion put out for memoir'44 and I have yet to come accross that card. For that matter I do not have cards 16-20, but i have 21 and 22. How did i miss these troop cards? A few of the action cards are missing too.

  6. Madfox says

    Supply Truck Card (Comment / Question)

    Same thing with me here. Bought Hedgerow Hell, but no crad 17. And where are 16, 19 and 20?
    Same with the action cards.

  7. Sternenfahrer says

    Cards (Comment / Question)

    Please refer to the introductionary textes on the expansion/battle maps: Rather then put just one to three new cards in every expansion, DoW will at some point release an expansion with all cards not published at that time.

    I assume that's to save costs.

  8. Thuddeus says

    Was a Supply Truck Card released with Winter Wars? (Comment / Question)

    I'm missing Med. Theater and Pacific Theater. Was the supply truck card released with either of them? I'm missing Troops 16, 17 (Supply Trucks), and 20.

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