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  1. 50th says

    Finally! (Comment / Question)

    I just hope we get to see it on an actual card soon! But I'm not upset, thanks a lot for a great product in the Tigers in the Snow battle map. I'm always looking forward to another great operation overlord product. I have used these maps at several conventions lately and have turned many heads. You may have many more orders if this is any indication!

  2. cliffetters says

    I need Tigers! (Comment / Question)

    Is there a chance we'll see this on a card soon, rather than just on my "Tigers in the Snow" map?

  3. gheintze says

    Wittman's Tiger and Taking Ground (Comment / Question)

    Q. The rules for Wittmans Tiger unit says that if he doesnt move, he attacks with four dice. If he Takes Ground, can he still roll four dice for his Armor Overrun attack?
    A. No. If Wittman moves at all (even to Take Ground), he loses the extra attack die.

  4. Erik Uitdebroeck says

    Tigers and Flags (Comment / Question)

    First of all : congratulations with the whole M44 game system. Thanks for the blood, sweat and tears.
    But ...
    When I attack a Tiger Tank, does a flag count for a retreat or for a hit ?
    Exemple : I attack a Tiger and I roll 2 dice : a grenade and a flag. One hit and retreat (this means one reroll)or two hits (this means two rerolls) ?
    Thanks and greetings from Belgium.


  5. Erik Uitdebroeck says

    Tigers and Flags 2 (Comment / Question)


    I looked it up in the Forum and, if i'm not mistaken, Tigers retreat on flags. So they don't have to be rerolled.


  6. pocloclo says

    tigers and flags 3 (Comment / Question)

    All hits have to be re-rolled, so a unit that hits with a star sees his stars re-rolled. The same thing happens with a command card that hits with other symbols.
    The Tiger has to retreat for the flags rolled against him. But if he can not retreat, the rules say: "If a unit cannot retreat; is forced to retreat off the limits of the battlefield; or would be pushed back onto a sea hex, one figure must be removed from the unit for each retreat move that cannot be completed". The rules say nothing about a hit so a tiger that cannot retreat would be eliminated with no re-roll?
    Folowing the same rulebook, retreats happen after resolving hits.

  7. Commandant Squibbon says

    Aircraft vs Tiger (Comment / Question)

    I heard that in real life, a plane could easily destroy a tiger through strafing. Will an aircraft have to reroll when attacking?

  8. El Tea says

    Equipment Pack Rules Confusion (Comment / Question)

    The newest rules on Tiger Tanks, in Equipment Pack, state "All enemy battle dice rolled against a Tiger are ignored." This would seem to include flags (as it doesn't state anything about "scoring a hit"), which would mean that Tigers don't retreat. Is this correct?

  9. GI John says

    Retreating (Comment / Question)

    If you attack a tiger on your first roll and it comes up tank and flag. If the tiger can retreat it does so and you would roll 1 die on the second roll. Otherwise, if the tiger cant retreat, the flag is scored as a hit on the first roll. Then you would roll 2 dice on the second roll.
    The tiger tank has to retreat the same as other units. But the tiger is never eliminated on the first roll due to retreats or from planes either.

  10. *player2048366 says

    AT guns (Comment / Question)

    If you are attacking a tiger with a anti-tank gun, and one of the rerolls is a star, does that eliminate the tiger? Thanks

  11. *player2048366 says

    AT guns (Comment / Question)

    If you are attacking a tiger with a anti-tank gun, and one of the rerolls is a star, does that eliminate the tiger? Thanks

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