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Big Guns

Big Guns

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  1. JambonGrierson says

    Advantage (Comment / Question)

    So if I understand correctly all Artillery units can only get hit on a Grenade? Unless ,of course, Artillery unit is in a Bunker and cannot retreat on a second Flag role.

  2. gheintze says

    Big Guns Questions from the FAQ (Comment / Question)

    Q. May Big Guns move?
    A. Yes, unless they are in a bunker or the Special Rules of the scenario state otherwise.

    Q. When a Big Gun moves, do any targeting cross-hair markers return to the gun?
    A. Yes. All of the targeting cross-hair markers return to the gun.

    Q. Can Big Guns shoot different targets without losing the "targeting marker" on the previous targets?
    A. Yes. As long as the Big Guns unit has targeting markers available.

  3. Astavar says

    Big gun hitting? (Comment / Question)

    Does a Big Gun attack rolling only one flag count as a hit concerning the homing in rules, if attacking a unit protected by sandbags, which would be immune against that flag?

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