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Armored Trains

Armored Trains

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  1. gheintze says

    Damaged Armored Train (Comment / Question)

    Q. Does an Armored Train lose its ability to combat when it takes a third damage point?
    A. Yes. When the Wagon that carries the Artillery piece is removed, after the Train is hit 3 times, the Armored Train loses the ability to battle. If the Train is hit again, the Locomotive is destroyed and becomes a victory medal for the opponent.

  2. pduggan says

    Activations for the Artillery (Comment / Question)

    Is the artillery a "unit" itself? If I move the train, does the artillery need an activation of its own to fire? I get that it CAN fire, but could you, say move it with a recon center and fire the artillery? What if the Train straddled the centerline?

  3. tank commander says

    Ambush card and Armored Train (Comment / Question)

    Can you play an Ambush card against an Armored Train when your unit is only adjacent to the locomotive?

    Or only when adjacent to the firing element which is the wagon.

  4. tank commander says

    Armored Train using Firefight (Comment / Question)

    If an enemy unit is only adjacent to the locomotive but not the firing element (the wagon) may the train be orderd by Firefight?

  5. tank commander says

    Armored Train and Railroad Station (Comment / Question)

    If only the locomotive of an Armored Train enters a RR station does this prevent the arty wagon from firing?

  6. Lame_Sport says

    What Scenario (Comment / Question)

    What scenario is this even used in?

  7. *player2048366 says

    Air Power/Air Sortie (Comment / Question)

    When playing an Air Power card against a train and any adjacent units, do you roll dice for both the locomotive and the wagon on can you only fire at one of them?

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