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29  Saverne Gap
November 19, 1944 - November 23, 1944
Western Front
By: RBorg - Last update: 05/27/2010

Historical Background:
The Saverne Gap, cutting through the Vosges mountains, was the key to Strasbourg, capital city of Alsace. On November 21st, the US Seventh Army XV Corps, under the command of General Wade Hampton Halslip, arrived to the front lines at Phalsbourg.

With the infantry progressing forward into the Saverne Gap, General Leclerc divided his 2nd French Armor division into two task forces. The first would move well north of the Gap by La Petite-Pierre, the other on secondary roads in the south through heavily forested mountains by Dabo. If the plan worked, they would take Saverne simultaneously from both the north and south, avoiding the strong defenses expected in the Gap itself.

The plan worked to perfection. One of the south French armor group was even able to rush through Saverne's western end and climb to the Gap, taking the German defenses from behind. German forces, few in numbers, fought valiantly; but, without support or reserves, they were unable to stop the three-pronged Allied attack; they crumbled, leaving the door to Strasbourg wide open.

The stage is set, the battle lines are drawn, and you are in command. The rest is history.

Axis Player: Take 4 command cards.

Allied Player: Take 6 command cards.
You move first.

Conditions of Victory:
5 Medals
If Allied units occupy 2 town hexes in Saverne at the end of their turn, they win immediately.

Special Rules:
The hills are impassable.
Artillery may not fire over hills.

Set-up Order