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4955U  Hill 112
July 10, 1944 - July 12, 1944
Western Front
By: yangtze - Last update: 10/04/2010

Historical Background:
Montgomery began a frontal assault on the city of Caen on July 7. At the same time, he renewed attacks West of the city to capture the high ground between the rivers Odon and Orne. Part of this high ground was Hill 112, which had been captured and then abandoned during Operation Epsom. From the elevation of the hill, both valleys of the Odon and Orne could be seen and the Germans argued that whoever controlled Hill 112 controlled Normandy.

Between June 25 when they occupied Hill 112, and July 23 when they were finally driven from the town of Maltot, the 2nd SS Panzer Corps fought to hold the hill. The area around Hill 112 changed hands many times, and thousands of Allied and German troops were killed or wounded on its slopes.

The first action of Operation Jupiter on July 11 was a British assault to regain the hill. The British 43rd (Wessex) Division, with Churchill tanks in support, lost more than 2,000 men in the first 36 hours. The Allied advance faced dug-in Tiger tanks of the 102nd SS Heavy Panzer Battalion in front of Maltot and SS machine-gunners concealed in cornfields. Casualties from both sides were so high it was reported that the Odon River was dammed with corpses. The 43rd Division's commander, Major-General G.I. Thomas was known as "the Butcher" for his seeming indifference to casualties as he pushed his men forward. Important towns in the surrounding area were captured as the struggle for Hill 112 continued and more importantly, German reserves were committed in an effort to stabilize the front. Operation Jupiter was hailed a strategic success, although it wasn't until the American forces launched Operation Cobra that the German forces withdrew from the area.

The stage is set, the battle lines are drawn, and you are in command. The rest is history.

Axis Player: SS-Obersturmbannf├╝hrer Gerdvic von Holtzapple:
Take 5 Command cards.

Allied Player: Major-General G.I "the Butcher" Thomas:
Take 5 command cards.
You move first.

Conditions of Victory:
6 Medals.

The indicated hex in the town of Maltot and Hill 112 are Temporary Medal Objectives for the Allied player.

The Allied player must have six or more medals AND be in possession of Hill 112 at the end of an Allied turn in order to win the game.

Special Rules:
Place a badge on the German elite tank unit and on the mechanized infantry unit (Troops 2 - Specialized units).

The five German infantry units marked with a battle star token are camouflaged (Actions 16 - Camouflage).

Time limit rules are in effect for the British player. Immediately before dealing cards to the players remove 10 cards from the top of the draw deck and discard them face down and unseen. Do not reshuffle the cards after play of Their Finest Hour. If the last card of the draw deck is taken the game ends immediately in a victory for the German player. In that case the German player automatically scores 6 medals, and the British player scores a maximum of 1 less medal than the winning side.

Air rules are optional: If used, give one Air Sortie card to the Allied player, and shuffle the other in the deck, at game start.

(This is a modified version of the official Hill 112 scenario presented in Campaign Book 1)

Scenario Bibliography:
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Please note that this scenario was not approved by Richard Borg or Days of Wonder, so you have to check yourself about playability, potential gaming issues, etc.

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