Les Moulins Draw - June 06, 1944

Operation Overlord - OMAHA BEACH
Western Front By: stevie02 - Last update: 04/26/2013
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Historical Background:
Omaha Beach. 6th of June 1944. Les Moulins was a collection of houses through which the 29th Infantry Division would have to clear to allow access off the beach and up the Draw (small valley) to the high ground beyond. The Draw itself was protected by two Widerstandsnesten, WN66 and WN68, one on each shoulder of the Draw. The prominent feature on this part of Omaha Beach was a 3 story house, which was just beyond the high water mark. The majority of the troops who landed here were from the 2nd Battalion of the 116th Infantry Regiment commanded by Major Sydney Bingham. Those lucky enough to make it up the beach to the limited shelter of the shingle had lost all cohesion and confusion reigned. It was Major Bingham who rallied the disorganized GI's and pressed home the attack. The German forces held out for sometime but by nightfall the draw had been cleared to allow follow on waves to land and expand the bridgehead.

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Conditions of Victory:
4 medals for victory. Short and sharp.

Special Rules:
No special rules

Scenario Bibliography:
'Omaha Beach' by Joseph Balkoski

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