Operation Infatuate 2 - November 01, 1944

Battle of the Scheldt
Western Front By: JFKoski - Last update: 10/22/2012
Axis Player: Allied Player:
x4 x6 x6 x6
    first You play first

Historical Background:
The Allies had captured the city of Antwerp, Belgium with its ports intact in September (Antwerp would be the strategic target for the Ardennes Offensive in December). However the Germans still controlled the Scheldt Estuary, preventing Allied shipping from using it. Unfortunately, instead of immediately clearing the Scheldt, Montgomery first embarked upon Operation Market Garden, the disastrous attempt to capture a bridge across the Rhine from the Netherlands. In the meantime, German forces reinforced the Dutch island of Walcheren covering the Scheldt with 150mm guns. Allied supply lines to the front ran hundreds of miles from the Port of Cherbourg, west of the Normandy beaches, which now restricted offensive operations.

In October the RAF bombed the dikes on Walcheren in four places, flooding the interior of the island, forcing the Germans to seek higher ground, and thus reducing their ability to counter-attack the invasion sites. The island was attacked from three sides. On November 1, 1944 Operation Infatuate 2 began in the west with three forces of Royal Marine Commandos landing on either side of a break in the dike. The first force moved north to take the town of Westkapelle, the 2nd headed south towards Zoutelande, and the third force arrived with amphibious vehicles (Buffaloes and Weasels), which could operate across the flooded fields, plus mine-sweeping tanks. German resistance on the island ended November 8, with the fall of its capital, Middelburg. It would be another 3 weeks of naval mine-sweeping before the port of Antwerp received its first shipment of supplies on November 28th.

Axis [Germans]
Start with 4 cards.
Allies [British]
Start with 6 cards.
You move first.

Conditions of Victory:
6 Medals.
The 3 town hexes of Westkapelle form a single Temporary Medal Objective for the Allied player. Only one medal is gained, even if more than one town hex is captured.

Special Rules:
British Commonwealth Command Rules are in effect (Nations 5); All British and Inter-Allied infantry are Commandos (Troops 2). Badges are not required.

Bunkers (Terrain 2) are controlled by the German player.

Flooded Fields Rules (Terrain 23) are in effect. Beaches (Terrain 1) are normal, except where Marshes (Terrain 28) are present.

The German player randomly places 6 Minefield tokens (Terrain 29- from either the Terrain Pack or Mediterranean Front) and removes the rest unseen.

Place Big Gun badges on the two German artillery in the center (Troops 3). Neither can use a target marker placed by the other for a bonus die.

The Allied armor units are mine-sweeping tanks. When they move onto a minefield they act like Combat Engineers (Troops 4) and can clear it.

When Landing Craft (Troops 15) with infantry leave the ocean, they stop to unload. Keep the LC markers with the infantry to represent amphibious vehicles. They can now move across Marshes and Flooded Fields as if normal terrain, but cannot retreat into the ocean. Dragons Teeth (Terrain 46) and Bunkers are impassible to them. LC markers containing tanks are removed upon landing as normal.

Air Rules are in effect: The British start with both Air Sortie cards. Use the Spitfire (Airplanes 4) to represent rocket-equipped Typhoons. It may conduct Ground Interdiction (Air Rules 5) and Strafing (Air Rules 10) as normal. Alternatively, the first turn a Typhoon conducts Strafing you may roll 2 dice for each target instead of 1, but it is then removed from the board.

While the Germans control the Radar Station (Terrain 36), Radar Alert rules are in effect (Actions 11): the British must play their Air Sortie and Air Power cards one turn in advance.

Late War Special Weapon Assets may not take ground (SWAs 4). Place a Mortar badge on three of the Allied infantry and one Axis infantry (SWAs 6: Mortar) and Machine Gun badges on two of the German infantry in bunkers (SWAs 7: Machine Gun).

Scenario Bibliography:
Required Expansions:
Terrain Pack (terrain tiles, Big Guns, Minefields), Air Pack (figures, Air Rules, Landing Craft, Dragons Teeth), Winter Wars (Late War Special Weapon Assets).
Optional Expansion: Mediterranean Theater (figures, British Command Rules, Minefields).

Please note that this scenario was not approved by Richard Borg or Days of Wonder, so you have to check yourself about playability, potential gaming issues, etc.

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