Ticket to Ride New York Ticket to Ride New York

Fictional: " Sword Beach, landing a year later ! " - June 06, 1945

Western Front By: Flemish_Havy - Last update: 07/09/2012
Axis Player: Allied Player:
x5 x6 x6 x6
    first You play first

Historical Background:
Fictional: "What if D-Day had to be postponed till the following year, because Churchill did NOT take the risk as he did for D-day landings and if he waited for perfect weather ?"
The Germans got some extra defences ready, represented by some extra troops, including a machinegun and mortar position and some extra coastal defences represented by the big guns and a small mine field.
Clear weather gives the Allies a chance to cover there advances by naval artillery (Destroyer) and a year more preperation time represented by a a mix off troops, including Canadian Engineers (British Engeneers = Commonwealth) badge, Australians and New Zealand Infantry and a Polish detachment off Infantry and Armor.
When 'Airrules' are used Allied got Total Air Suppriority !

Axis Player: Germany
4 to 5 cards !
Take 4 cards to START, drawing a 4th and 5th card on there first turn. (representing the element off surprise).

Allied player: British Commonwealth and Polish
Take 6 cards.
You move First

Conditions of Victory:
6 medals

An Allied unit that captures a Town hex counts as one Temporary Victory Medal.

All 3 Medals together, are a Sudden Death Objective for the Allies as being mission accomplished !

Special Rules:
The Axis player is in control of the Bunkers and may claim them as defensive position. (Terrain 2)

Axis player can lay 3 minefields around the center bunker,
picking from 0-4. (Terrain 29)

The Axis infantry in Lion sur Mer and the armor unit are Special Forces. (Troops 2)

The 3 Allied units with the Pegasus badge are Commando units. (Troops 2)

There are 2 British Combat Engineers units marked. (Troops 4)

The Allied left flank, except for the Pegasus Badged Infantry, are 'Polish Troops' !
The Allied Australians and New Zealand commonwealth troops are regular troops, badged for recognisense purposes only.

British Commonwealth Forces rules are in effect for all the British troops. (Nations 5)

Allied forces in 'full' ocean hexes (not on the shoreline) are the second wave and use Landing Craft (Troops 15)

A German SWA6 Mortar unit stands in the woods near Lion sur Mer. (Special Weapon Assets Rules (Late War) SWA4)

The infantry in the German left flank Bunker is a SWA7 Machine Gun unit. (Special Weapon Assets Rules (Late War) SWA4)

The second wave infantry off the Polish troops is an AT SWA5 (Special Weapon Assets Rules (Late War) SWA4)

The German Arty in the bunker is a heavy artillery. (Troops 3)
Artillery can NOT move out off Bunker !
(Stars and flags by Aircraft are hits !)

An Allied Destroyer lays on the right center most distant ocean hex. (Troops 12)

Airrules are optional:
If used, give the allied player one Air Sortie card and shuffle the other one into the deck, at game start.
If Axis player draws one of these cards (or Air Power card), he must discard it and draw another card instead.
(This represents the overwelming air-suppriority by the Allies)

Please note that this scenario was not approved by Richard Borg or Days of Wonder, so you have to check yourself about playability, potential gaming issues, etc.

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