Battle of Mokra - September 01, 1939

Unternehmen Fall Weiss - Part of Invasion of Poland
Eastern Front By: Shifty200 - Last update: 11/17/2012
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Historical Background:
According to the Polish mobilization scheme, the main task of the ?ód? Army was to secure the connection between the Kraków Army operating in Silesia and Lesser Poland and the Pozna? Army defending Greater Poland. It was also to cover the mobilization of a reserve Prusy Army behind the Polish lines. Because of that, the main purpose of the army was to gain time and offer delaying actions and harsh resistance in order for the mobilization to be accomplished.

The Polish Volhynian Cavalry Brigade was located north of the town of K?obuck, along the railway to Katowice. Two regiments (19th and 21st Uhlans, as well as 4th battalion of the 84th Infantry Regiment) were entrenched on both ends of a forest surrounding the village of Mokra, to the west of the north-south rail road line. To the east, Colonel Julian Filipowicz placed the reserves of the brigade: 12th Uhlans Regiment, 2nd Mounted Rifles Regiment and 21st Armoured Battalion.

The main task of the Polish brigade was to keep the connection between the Polish 7th Infantry Division operating to the south and the Polish 30th Infantry Division to the north. The terrain chosen by the Polish commander was ideal for defence: a railroad earthwork and a forest formed the main line while the foreground was hilly, with a large number of ditches, streams and other similar obstacles.

Axis Player
Take 5 command cards

Allied Player
Take 5 command cards

Conditions of Victory:
5 Medals

The five marked town hexes are all medal objectives for the Allied forces.

Special Rules:
Blitz rules are in effect (Actions 15 - Blitz rules).

The Allied infantry marked with a cavalry badge are cavalry units. Place. Place 4 cavalry figures in each of these hexes (Troops 8- Cavalry).

Special Weapon Asset Early war rules (SWAs 1 - Special Weapon Assets) are in effect for the Axis and Allied units equipped with Machine Guns and (SWAs 3 - Mortar). Place the proper figure with these units.

Scenario Bibliography:
Written by Shifty200


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