The battle For Iwo Jima - February 09, 1945

Operation Detachment - The Invasion
Pacific Theater By: jackedden - Last update: 01/20/2013
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Historical Background:
The Ferocious battle of Iwo Jima which began on 19th February - 26 March 1945 was a major battle in which America launched an Amphibious Operation upon the Japanese controlled island of Iwo Jima. Americas main goal was to send their brave and courageous soldiers to capture the three airfields present from the honorable and die-hard Japanese soldiers. This conflict resulted in the bloodiest and fiercest fighting around the Pacific war. The Japanese were heavily fortified and entrenched on the island featuring vast networks of bunkers, hidden artillery and 18 km of underground tunnels. However the Americans were greatly benefited and powerful than the Japanese on the island with 70,000 soldiers and extensive naval and air support capable of delivering an enormous amount of firepower onto the Japanese positions. Even though America was in a state of winning The Japanese cleverly thought defenses turned a swift defeat into nearly 40 days of fighting and that American casualties were greater than of the 22,000 stationed Japanese. The Japanese fought tenaciously in the battle however they lost and only 216 of the 22,000 soldiers present lived and were captured. The rest were either killed by the American soldiers or they committed suicidal acts in order to honor their emperor.

This battle was also remembered for its iconic moment were Joe Rosenthal's photograph of the rising of the U.S flag on the top of Mount Suribachi by five marines and a Navy Corpsmen on the 5h day of the 35 days of battle that raged all over Iwo Jima.

Axis Player:
Take 5 Cards
You go first
You are greatly outnumbered use the Caves to your advantage

Allied Player:
Take 7 Cards
Plan out your actions carefully before you move your units up.

The scenario is slightly bugged. The game wont end even if you get all 12 medals. Once either side has acquired 12 medals end the game. If you know what problem that's causing the game to continue please respond on days of wonder

Conditions of Victory:
Medals on the minefields and hills count toward one medal and are permanently claimed.

Special Rules:
Gung Ho: In affect
Japanese Army Rules: In affect

Scenario Bibliography:
Wikipedia: Battle of Iwo Jima

Please note that this scenario was not approved by Richard Borg or Days of Wonder, so you have to check yourself about playability, potential gaming issues, etc.

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