Ticket to Ride France Ticket to Ride France

Panzer attack on Hill 140 - August 09, 1944

Western Front By: Shifty200 - Last update: 01/26/2013
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x6 x4 x6 x8
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Historical Background:
By August 9, 1944, Operation Totalize had lost its momentum in the face of stiff resistance from German troops, now busy establishing a new defensive line on the Laizon river. Then tragedy struck for the British: lost in darkness, Worthington Force, a group of Algonquin infantrymen in half-tracks and tankers from the 4th Canadian Armored Division, missed their objective, Hill 195, and ran smack dab into German defenses on Hill 140. Under withering fire from Flak 88s and the German Tigers an Panthers, the force lost 43 tanks out of 46, 250 men and Lt-Col Worthington himself.

The stage is set, the battle lines are drawn, and you are in command.
The rest is history.

This is from an original Scenario. Only a few victory conditions were changed.

Conditions of Victory:
Axis 4 Medals.
Hill 140, Hill 111, Estrees la Campagne and Grainville are permanent objectives.

Allies 8 Medals

Special Rules:
- British Commonwealth Forces command rules are in effect (Nations 5 - British Commonwealth Forces).
- German troops with an elite badge are Special Forces and Elite Armor units (Troops 2 - Specialized Units).
- Tiger Tank rules are in effect (Troops 16 - Tigers).
-The Axis Artillery unit marked with a Heavy Anti-Tank Gun badge is a Flak 88 (Troops 23 - Heavy Anti-Tank Guns). Use 2 Flak 88 figures.

Please note that this scenario was not approved by Richard Borg or Days of Wonder, so you have to check yourself about playability, potential gaming issues, etc.

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