Ticket to Ride France Ticket to Ride France

Final Pince - November 15, 1941 - December 05, 1941

Battle of Moscow - Part of the battle of Moscow
Eastern Front By: Shifty200 - Last update: 02/17/2013
Allied Player: Axis Player:
x6 x12 x6 x12
    first You play first

Historical Background:
On 15 November 1941, German tank armies began their offensive towards Klin, where no Soviet reserves were available because of Stalin's wish to attempt a counteroffensive at Volokolamsk, which had forced the relocation of all available reserves forces further south. Initial German attacks split the front in two, separating the 16th Army from the 30th. Several days of intense combat followed. As Zhukov recalls in his memoirs, "The enemy, ignoring the casualties, was making frontal assaults, willing to get to Moscow by any means necessary." Despite the Wehrmacht's efforts, the multi-layered defense reduced Soviet casualties as the Soviet 16th Army slowly retreated and constantly harassed the German divisions trying to make their way through the fortifications.
The Third Panzer Army finally captured Klin after heavy fighting on 24 November, and by 25 November Solnechnogorsk as well. Soviet resistance was still strong, and the outcome of the battle was by no means certain. Reportedly, Stalin asked Zhukov whether Moscow could be successfully defended and ordered him to "speak honestly, like a communist." Zhukov replied that it was possible, but that reserves were desperately needed. By 28 November, the German 7th Panzer Division had seized a bridgehead across the Moscow-Volga Canal?the last major obstacle before Moscow?and stood less than 35 km (22 mi) from the Kremlin;but a powerful counterattack by the 1st Shock Army drove them back across the canal. Just northwest of Moscow, the Wehrmacht reached Krasnaya Polyana, little more than 20 km (12 mi) from Moscow; German officers were able to make out some of the major buildings of the Soviet capital through their field glasses. However, both Soviet and German forces were severely depleted, sometimes having only 150?200 riflemen?a company's full strength left in a regiment.

Conditions of Victory:
12 Medals

All 6 medals on the board are permanent medal objectives.

Allied player has already 6 medals and must hold all 6 objectives.

Special Rules:
Blitz rules are in effect for the Axis player.

Special Weapon Asset rules (SWAs 8 -Special Weapon Assets) are in effect for the Axis and Allied units equipped with Machine Guns.

Special Weapon Asset rules (SWAs 2 - Special Weapon Assets) are in effect for the Allied units equipped with Anti-Tank Guns.

Place a badge on the Axis Elite infantry units and Axis Elite Tank units (Troops 2 - Specialized Units).

Place a badge on the Allied Elite infantry unit (Troops 2 - Specialized Units).

Place a Half-Tracks badge on the Axis Armor (Troops 18 - Half-Tracks).

Place a depleted unit badge on the infantry unit indicated on the map (Troops 19 - Depleted Units).

Allies get 3 reserve tokens
Axis get 1 reserve token

Special reserve rolls:
Infantry - Infantry unit
Infantry + Star - Elite infantry unit
Star + Armor - Elite Armor unit
Armor - Armor unit
Grenade + Armor Mobile Artillery
Grenade - Artillery
Star + Flag - Advance a unit already deployed two hexes at no cost.
Star + Star - Upgrade 2 units to Elite status.

Please note that this scenario was not approved by Richard Borg or Days of Wonder, so you have to check yourself about playability, potential gaming issues, etc.

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