Breakthrough to El Guettar - March 23, 1943

Victory in the Desert
Mediterranean Theater By: 50th - Last update: 07/05/2013
Axis Player: Allied Player:
x5 x7 x7 x7
first You play first    

Historical Background:
Kassarine Pass was a dismal failure. Americans had lost faith in their commanders to fight the Germans. On March 6th, General George Patton arrived to take over for Gen Lloyd Fredendall and began to whip the American army in Tunisia into shape. On March 23rd the American 1st Infantry division took the hills around El Guettar pass, a narrow pass through hills were highway 15 snakes toward Gabes. The 10th Panzer division consisting of Panzer IV's, Marder tank destroyers and Panzergrenadiers made its way toward the pass. General Patton stood on hill 336 along with Gen Theodore Roosevelt Jr and watched the battle unfold. Artillery and M-3 tank destroyers of the 601st were positioned in the valley, while infantry took the high ground to either side of the pass. Infantry consisted of the eighteenth, sixteenth, and twenty sixth infantry regiments of the "Big Red One", with the First Ranger Battalion under the command of Colonel Darby. The 1st Ranger Battalion was stationed south of highway 15 along with the 18th Infantry Regiment. The Germans attempted twice to break through the pass, and both times their attacks were broken up by artillery and anti-tank fire. The Germans finally withdrew back to the German headquarters at Gabes.

Axis: Take five command cards and move first.

Allies: Take seven command cards and move second.

Conditions of Victory:
Axis: You must take seven medals with one of these being El Guettar.

Allies: You must take seven medals. El Guettar is a permanent medal hex.

Special Rules:
Air rules are in effect. The German player starts off with one air sortie and one Direct from HQ cards plus five more. After this, the maximum card count is five.
The salt marsh is impassible terrain.
The minefield belongs to the American player. For rules, see Terrain Card #29.
The American tank destroyers have two figures because they are M-3 TD's and have light armor.
For rules on Tank Destroyers (TD), see Troop Card #24.
For rules on Half Tracks (HT), see Troop Card #18.
For rules on anti-tank gun, see SWA Card #2.
For rules on Mortar, see SWA Card #3.
For rules on Machine Gun, see SWA Card #8.
For rules on Big Guns, see Troops Card #3.

Scenario Bibliography:
Documentary Patton 360: Rommel's last stand
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