Ticket to Ride France Ticket to Ride France

Task Force Baum - March 27, 1944 - March 28, 1944

Raid on Oflag XIII-B
Western Front By: LooneyLlama - Last update: 01/04/2014
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x4 x4 x4 x4
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Historical Background:
The dubious honor of rescuing Patton's son-in-law sixty miles behind enemy lines fell to a tall, tough, redheaded captain from the Bronx named Abraham J. Baum. Without disclosing his blood interest, Patton ordered XII Corps to dispatch an armored column to Hammelburg and stage a raid. Baum's column comprised just over 300 soldiers in sixteen tanks, twenty-seven half-tracks, three motorized assault guns, and seven jeeps. Patton stated," I do not believe there is anything in that part of Germany to hurt them". He was quite wrong.

Allies: 6 cards, you move first. Lose 1 card selected by you for every 2 units eliminated(down to 3 cards).
Axis 4 cards, gain 1 card for every 2 U.S. units eliminated up to 6 cards. Before picking cards place six hidden units (3 anti-tank and 3 regular infantry) anywhere on the board except on the hill hexes surrounding the prison camp. Two units must be in each section. During the German's first 5 turns if no units are revealed or move, he may discard 1 card and pick up 2 and select either one(like using Recon-1) without ordering any units.

Conditions of Victory:
Allies: 8 medals OR 6 medals +medal objective(prisoners). The medal goes onto the victory track as long as the unit that carries the medal has survived. If unit carrying the 'prisoners'(medal) is destroyed it may be transferred to another ADJACENT unit. If no adjacent unit, prisoners are recaptured and returned to the prison camp hex. The 'prisoners' may be re-liberated by another Allied unit to gain the medal back again. If the Allied unit that carries the medal can escape between the exit markers the medal and the unit carrying it becomes permanent(worth 2 medals, 1 for the unit and 1 for the 'prisoners'). NO other unit can escape between the exit markers.

Axis: 8 medals.

Special Rules:
Night rules are in effect.(Actions-19)
Remove Air Power card from deck.
Prison camp is on the same level as the surrounding hills. (No dice reduction for infantry units attacking out of camp.)
Depleted unit(prison guards) do not count as a victory medal.
Place half-track badges on the U.S.units.(Troops-18) They may not resupply.
Infantry unit with the cavalry badge is a Jeep Willys.(Troops-19) It is 2 figures.
Place heavy anti-tank badge on the German unit.(Troops-23)
Special weapons asset, late war for the German units equipped with an anti-tank gun.(SWA-5)
Place special forces badges on the U.S. and German units.(Troops-2)
Place engineer badge on the U.S. unit.(Troops-4)
U.S. unit with a battle star token is an heroic leader (Capt. Abe Baum).(Actions-8) SPECIAL RULE:Capt. Baum(battle star) may transfer to ANY other unit when his unit is eliminated with no dice roll.
HIDDEN UNITS must be revealed if they dig in, move, attack, or an enemy unit moves to an adjacent hex.
REINFORCEMENTS: As soon as the prisoners are liberated or on turn 6, German reinforcements may begin.
With the proper card(Recon, Recon-in-force, probe or attack cards only), these units may be placed in the designated section of the card on ANY edge hex (Allied OR Axis side) and may immediately move and attack. You can order reinforcement(s) along with other unit(s) that are already in the section indicated on the card. You can only bring in as many reinforcements as the number on the card.( For example: If playing a Probe card, you can bring in 2 reinforcements in the section indicated on the card)
The reinforcements available are: 4 regular armor units, 3 special force infantry units, and one half-track unit. The order of placement is at the discretion of the German commander.

Use hex designations(A-1 etc.) on scenario map for writing down placement of hidden units.

Please note that this scenario was not approved by Richard Borg or Days of Wonder, so you have to check yourself about playability, potential gaming issues, etc.

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