Advance on the Coastal Road - December 22, 1941

Pacific Theater By: Yossarian44 - Last update: 08/12/2015
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Historical Background:
On the morning of December 22nd, General Masaharu Homma's 14th Army lands in Lingayen Gulf supported by powerful naval and air forces. The Japanese attack with 43,110 men including artillery and 90 tanks. The Imperial war plans depend on success in these landings, but General Homma's troops are untried in battle. Macarthur faces Homma with 30,195 men, spread throughout the islands of the Philippines. The invasion begins successfully despite opposition from U.S. troops and Philippine scouts. As the Japanese 48th Infantry Division advances south along the coastal road toward Manila, U.S. forces try to stop the invaders at a small coastal village.

The Japanese advance on the village under fire from artillery in the heights to the east. In Damortis itself, Colonel Pierce organizes elements of the 26th Cavalry in a hastily-prepared defense. Faced with a determined assault, Pierce calls in tanks from the 192nd tank battalion in Rosario. Due to fuel shortages only five M3 Stuarts charge down the road to help Pierce and his troopers. The Americans, outnumbered as more Japanese armor and mountain artillery pour in from the north, eventually fall back to Bataan.

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Conditions of Victory:
6 medals.
The town hex in Damortis is a temporary Medal Objective for the Axis Forces.
Any Japanese unit that exits the map at Damortis earns a permanent medal for the Axis Forces.

Special Rules:
The infantry in the hills are Philippine scouts. They are considered resistance fighters and are given three figures. Mark them as French Resistance.
The U.S. armor from Rosario has two figures to represent the small force of Stuart tanks.
The U.S. elite troops represent mounted cavalry.

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