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[France 1940] Abbeville : The last chance (3/3) - June 04, 1940

Unternehmen Fall Gelb - Allied attack
Western Front By: Guy2Luz - Last update: 03/03/2014
Axis Player: Allied Player:
x6 x7 x4 x7
    first You play first

Historical Background:
The Battle of Dunkerque is nearing its end , the German general offensive is imminent evidence. The unfinished offensive Abbeville who consumed the 4th DCR , the French staff identifies potential attacks on German bass Seine and Oise, the priority is again given to the reconquest of the bank south of the Somme in the Abbeville area. For this, the 51st Highland Div. Major- General Fortune notes the 4th DCR and is joined by the 2nd DCR Colonel Perre ( rival and equal alter De Gaulle) with 15 ° RIA June 3 The battle plan of Fortune rebuke 4 concentric beams , the attack of 30 June De Gaulle failed. However, the Allies have less armor but unprecedented artillery concentration (2 and 4th DCR, 2 and 5th DLC, X° army, 31st DIA and Scottish ) .
For the surprise attack began at 3:30 at night on June 4 After 10 min of bombardment , tanks lead : a bundle discuss the Mount Caubert the left Bienfay another by Boencourt valley and passing in front of the farm of Mesnil -Trois- Fetus , another lastly the corridor passing between Villers- Mareuil, which is believed held by the Scots , and wood Villers. On the left, the 31ème DI, demoralized, does not lead behind the tanks : these three times , returning the search without success. In the center, because of the difficulties tracking , several tanks spill, others lose , and Scottish Infantry Brigade , led by a French Captain, JF PERRETTE so without protection leads 500 men are chopped. Right, Villers evacuated by the Scots was reoccupied in the night by the Germans who have undermined the forced passage of chariots, six jump. Other cross and darken. Some are shot point blank by 88, two of them : one of the aspirant De la Soudière, and ' Kleber ' Captain FISSIAUX . They upset everything they find, up Rouvroy beyond Mount Caubert accompanied by some Scots they make mischief. Alone, without bond, without support to exploit their success and take the bridges of the Somme : they must return. While a tank battalion R35/R40 remains in reserve and bombers and artillery did nothing for lack of order. Around 11:30 am, General DELESTRAINT which controls the Battleship Group , the body which, theoretically, should coordinate all French armored means, takes stock : it is a failure that emphasizes hard. The next day, the Germans launched their offensive FALL ROT.

The stage is set , the troops are in position, and history is in your hands . Have a ball !

Axis player [Germany]
6 Command cards, you lay the minefield.

Allied player [France / United Kingdom]
4 command cards, you move first.

Playing a card order OG Allied player may place tree English infantry unit in the hex. with the token battle star.*
Air Attack card is replaced by Firing Artillery.

Conditions of Victory:
7 medals

The central hex of Mount Caubert a Temporary Medal Objective for the Allied player.
The destruction of two units B1bis final medal relates German player.

Special Rules:
Armored move 2 hexes.
Elite armored marked with a star are B1bis battle. They may ignore the first flag and fight with an extra die when they have not moved before shooting. The B1bis are heavy tanks for the time with 60 mm of armor, a 75 mm gun on the chassis and a 47 gun turret.

Apply Rule Red Army - Nation 2 : Absence of radio and coordination Allies.
Apply rule Specialized Units Infantry badge bearing the FFI -Troupe 2 (17 ° BCP)
Apply the rule of BCF - Nation 5
Apply rule Artillery unit - Troop 3
Apply rule French Army - 7 Nation
Apply rule heavy antitank guns - Troop 23*
Apply rules antitank weapon and equipment - Material 1 Material 2
Apply rule River - Plot 8 - The Somme is impassable
Apply rules and equipment Machine Gun - Material 1, Material 8*
Apply rule Camouflage - Action 16 *
* Don't active Online

Scenario Bibliography:
- L'offensive Blindée alliée d'Abbeville - Henri de Wailly - Economica
- La bataille d'Abbeville - Henri de Wailly - Vae Victis n°7 mars-avril 1996

Please note that this scenario was not approved by Richard Borg or Days of Wonder, so you have to check yourself about playability, potential gaming issues, etc.

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